Our Team

At Styleaurora.com, we thrive to provide latest updates for passionate beauty and fashion lovers. Our team is constantly producing well researched contents for our growing audiences.


Sephora Couturier

Sephora is a New York based full time beauty blogger and a freelance makeup artist. She is obsessed with traveling, yoga, dogs and blogging. She is the head of content management team at Styleaurora.

Alice Portar

Alice PorterAlice Porter is a fashion writer who aims to share her fashion wisdom with like minded individuals and fellow fashion-lovers. She works as a part time fashion blogger at Styleaurora.com


Cynthia Martin

Cynthia is a fitness junkie, traveler, dreamer and metal music lover. She is grateful for having two amazing daughter. Cynthia writes about fitness, yoga and health at Styleaurora.com

Kayla Jones

Kayla is a spirited fashion blogger. She loves hanging around with friends and shopping. She writes about latest fashion and styling at Styleaurora.com