Simple Makeup for Teenagers in 2017: 11 Awesome Pro Tips

Creating a gorgeous look with cosmetics is an art. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always come naturally. Teens should take some time to learn the proper skills and techniques. With these insider tips about makeup for teenagers from pro artist of Smashbox Cosmetics Lori Taylor, you can achieve a memorable, radiant look for any big event.

Simple Makeup for Teenagers: Insider Tips

Do your homework.

Makeup for teenagers 2017Whether you create the look yourself or make an appointment with a makeup artist, it’s easiest to work from a picture. Search in magazines and on the Internet for the look you see yourself wearing. And, since talking clothes and makeup is a fun part of being a teen, always take advantage of your friends’ talents and interests and exchange ideas. Enjoy the process of creating your look just as much as the end result.

Embrace your Individuality

The makeup design you choose is all about the attitude or feeling you want to portray. Whether you want your look to be classically beautiful, flirty and feminine or bold and sassy, the look you choose is up to you.

Be open with the artist

If you make an appointment with a makeup artist, be prepared to have a dialogue with the designer. Contribute ideas to your makeup session and give the artist feedback during your appointment. If you don’t have a clue what you want, just relax and let the stylist do the work.

Play up your best asset

Taylor asks a client to name her best facial feature so she can play up that particular feature. “If I’m given free rein, I’ll pick something I want to accentuate.” One feature, like the eyes or the lips, becomes the focal point of the makeup design. “Under no circumstances would I create heavy eyes and heavy lips,” she says. Highlight one feature and play down the others.

Know how to experiment

Always be open to trying new looks and cosmetics, but not too close to the day of the event. You never know how your skin’s going to react, so it’s best to try out any new products several days in advance. Says Taylor, “Don’t be afraid to experiment, but don’t go crazy either.”

Don’t hide behind your makeup

K.I.S. – keep it soft. Special occasions call for more makeup than normal, but don’t overdo it. What you might consider imperfections – such as freckles – Taylor loves. Instead of hiding them, show them off. “They make you an individual.”

Makeup to match popular hairstyles

Like hairstylist Sophia Tuttle, Taylor suggests finding hair and makeup looks that complement each other (read more about Sophia’s popular occasion hairstyles here). Taylor advises that there are countless combinations in addition to the ones below.

Sleek, straight and down

Dramatic eye makeup plays up the simplicity of this style. Create a smoky eye for emphasis and highlight a nude lip with a touch of gloss.

Long and down with soft curls

For the beachy, wavy look, Taylor recommends soft makeup with bronze tones. “Everything should glow and have more radiance to it,” she explains.

Updo with tendrils

An updo is usually worn by the more dramatic girl, and Taylor suggests a similar makeup style. “She might want something of a lined cat-eye. The lips can be bold and red or soft,” Taylor says.

Messy updo or bun.

To balance out this lower-maintenance look, Taylor suggests creating a glow on the cheeks and lips with the right shade of rosy red or pink that fits your complexion.

A natural, less made-up look.

The au naturale look can be adapted for any hairstyle. “It’s just her perfected, in color, but not overly made up,” Taylor explains. She would skip the foundation and instead use a tinted moisturizer, then use an eyelash curler and mascara. Or, she says, “Another idea for her desired light look – use a very, very soft, nude wash of color on the lips and a cream blush.”

Taylor’s beauty must-haves

As a teen, it’s essential to build your makeup routine with good, healthy habits. Here’s how to start:

  1. Begin with great skin. Get enough rest and cleanse skin day and night. Then, start with a foundation that’s not too heavy or cakey, to bring out your best complexion.
  2. Embrace the basics. Buy good cosmetics. Every teen should have these basics in her cosmetic collection: mascara, a light lipstick or gloss and a good concealer. Highlight your best feature – if you’ve got great lashes, for example, play up your eyes and opt for neutral colors on cheeks and lips.
  3. Be prepared. Carry a powder compact and lip gloss in your purse. Always keep your lips touched up and apply a little bit of powder in case you get shiny. If you’ve got dry skin, you might want to have a creamy cheek color on hand.

Final Thoughts

Special occasion makeup gives you a chance to play with a new look. “Have fun with makeup,” Taylor advises. “You’re young and naturally pretty, so don’t wear too much.” Wear a soft, flattering look that’s age appropriate. And remember, makeup is an art that takes lots of practice. Learn from experience, and always embrace a look that feels right to you.

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