Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Review: The Ultimate Professional Airbrushing Tool

When it comes to big names in the airbrushing community, the biggest and the most well respected name is Iwata. This company is the leader in industry renovation and build quality.

Iwata-Medea Deluxe Airbrush Set

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Iwata not only makes airbrush systems for makeup, but also cake decoration and car detailing. What this means is that the durability of all Iwata products are absolutely top tier. In this particular review we will focus on Iwata’s latest inclusion “Eclipse HP-CS Airbrushing System”.

Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush Kit Review

  • 10/10
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The Iwata Eclipse is an airbrush system for the professionals. It’s vastly different from many commercial airbrushing tool, even though it serves the same basic purpose: to apply flawless airbrush paint.

The Iwata-Medea Deluxe Airbrush Set has a handle for traveling and is durable enough to travel, but the size and weight should be considered. The benefits of such a large air compressor include machine stability.

One of the things most often discussed about the Iwata brand is the responsiveness of their airbrush wands. It’s a machine that works with you, instead of against you. The Iwata Studio Series Smart Jet air compressor included in the Eclipse system is heavier and larger than most consumer air compressors. This is due to them being made of high performance materials and the inclusion of a professional air compressor.

Iwata-Medea Deluxe Airbrush Set

Check Price on Amazon

One of the great things about the Iwata Eclipse Airbrushing System is that it can be used with any brand of airbrush makeup. All you need to do is choose your favorite formula and you can use it easily with a high performing tool.

If you need more direction than that, MAC cosmetic professionals use Iwata exclusively with their own brand of makeup. Their foundation line, MAC Air, is available online to anyone who is a certified MAC professional. If you’re working as a makeup artist, it’s easy to join and you will get access to affordable makeup and expert advice.

Key Features of Iwata Eclipse HP-CS

Extremely Versatile

The Iwata Eclipse can be used for anything from full body spray tans to face makeup. The airbrush gun has an adjustment that can change the diameter of the spray. Bigger spray means covering a wider area and is better for laying down a base, such as with spray tanning. Smaller means you can create more detail and is ideal for face makeup.

Highest Quality

The quality of the Iwata brand is extremely impressive. These air compressors may run at a higher price, but they are well worth it. Not only is the chance of machine failure extremely low, but the Iwata Eclipse is so sturdy that it can even withstand accidents.

Professional Guarantee

Since this Airbrushing System is made for professional use, you know you’re getting what you paid for. Professionals everywhere sing the praises of Iwata. If you happen to be a makeup artist, using such a well-respected brand can be beneficial.

Powerful Air Compressor

This air compressor is built to last and has the weight to prove it. If you’ve found other airbrush systems too weak for proper application then this might be more your speed. It’s larger than many other brands of air compressors but still compact and relatively quiet.


  • Incredibly well made
  • Industrial quality durability
  • Powerful & long lasting


  • Expensive
  • No makeup included

Technical Specifications:

The Studio Series Smart Jet air compressor, with an Iwata Eclipse CS large cup airbrush wand. Both are made of high quality metals, with no cheap, flimsy parts. Included is also a coiled air hose for attaching the air compressor and airbrush wand. The Studio Series Smart Jet air compressor runs at a PSI of 18.

Final Verdict

If you are a professional artist, makeup artistThe Iwata Eclipse is an airbrush system for the professionals. It’s vastly different from many commercial airbrushers even though it serves the same basic purpose: to apply flawless airbrush makeup., or looking to become one, then this is the best option for you. If you can afford the cost of the system, buying airbrush makeup separately is still relatively cheap. Essentially, if you can buy this as a makeup professional, then do so, but if you are a hobbyist it’s probably unnecessary and inconvenient to go with Iwata.

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