7 Best Ways to Remove Makeup at Home

We often take hours to apply make up, but, somehow forget to remove it. Any make up that stays on for a long time,  make your skin unhealthy and cloggy. There are many things that one can do at home to remove make up efficiently. Do have a look:

Tips on removing makeup at home

1. Do away with all the heavy eye makeup:

Leaving make up on the eyes is not a good habit, since; it can cause your skin to become dry and shabby. For removing eye makeup effectively, I make use of fresh milk and some cotton wools.

Yes, milk has cleansing properties and can remove any type of makeup. You can also use oil based removers to take off stubborn eye makeup.

Dabbing some olive oil to your cotton wool helps in taking out the makeup from your eye region. You can make use of Johnson Baby oil, as it is effective in removing any make up, and also makes the eye area soft and tender.

First, you need to wash your face with a good quality face wash. Then, take a cotton wool and dab on some oil. Now, gently wipe away the makeup without putting too much pressure.

If you are using milk, I would suggest you avoid using warm milk. Cold milk soothes the eyes.

2. Buy a mild cleanser for your face:

Any make up can be successfully removed using cleansers.

First of all, you need to buy yourself a mild cleanser. Cleansers by Neutrogena and Himalaya are quite popular. The latter one is herbal and contains extracts of essential oils and ‘Neem’.

You can pour some of the cleansing liquid on a cotton wool and start massaging your face with it. Remember, your skin is very delicate and has to be treated very softly. While massaging, make sure to use a different cleanser, manufactured specially for the eyes.

You can also use a mild soap, since; soaps are good at removing make up. In my case, it has to be Dove that does the magic. It gently removes all make up, whether heavy or light.

3. Use cleansing milk to remove your lipstick:

There are many times when we hit our sacks without removing our heavily made up lips.

Yikes…such a dirty habit, I must say! Just like we brush our teeth, our lips too, need to be cleaned every day. Any residual make up on lips would make these dark and dry over a period of time.

The best way to remove any lipstick is to use some cleansing milk or lotion, dab it on a cotton wool and apply gently to wipe off the entire make up.

Always begin with wiping the lipstick first from the corners. Make sure you wipe away the lip liner too. Afterwards, apply some moisturizer lotion on the lips to make them tender.

4. Pay attention to your T-zone:

The T-zone extends from your nose, goes all the way across your forehead.

The area needs  attention, as any make up generally tends to stick to your nose, hair line and eyebrows. This may result in clogging up pores, making your skin patchy.

You can use a mild cleanser to remove any heavy makeup, including oil and dirt. Face washes, too can be used to clean your face.

I know of some people that use a mask made of Neem, curd and a little gram flour to cleanse the T-zone. Simply, make a paste and apply it using your fingertips. Then, leave the paste on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.

Neem is a natural anti septic that treats pimples and makes the face clean and glowing.

5. Do not rely blindly on makeup remover wipes:

While removing any make up, make sure that you use both wipes as well as face washes, since both of them have their own shortcomings.

While, wipes may partially clean your face, using face washes may deprive your face of essential oils and make your skin dry and prone to patches and spots.

I use a combination approach, wherein I make use of both the products to effectively remove make up. Rose water can also be used.

6. Always use a toner:

Make it a routine to apply a toner after you have cleansed your face.

Toners help in closing our open pores and prevent dirt to clog these. Toners also help in preventing spots and patches.

After you have finished cleansing your face, apply a good quality alcohol free toner with the help of a cotton wool. Choose those that are mild on your skin.

7. Moisturize immediately:

One rule of thumb towards maintaining a healthy skin is to moisturize it using a good quality moisturizer, after you are done cleansing your face.

Using harsh face washes and wipes can deprive your skin of oils and this may render it dry. That is why; it is a must that you apply moisturizer using a cotton wool over the entire facial region. This will make your skin soft and tender.

Final Words:

Make up that is left on your face for too long, can clog up your pores and render your skin dirty and sticky. Want to possess glowing skin? Follow the tips and feel the difference.

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