How to Make Your Face Look Slimmer: 8 Simple Makeup Tricks

Rose, a friend of mine who was known to be the tomboy of our group of 5 girl friends; is now the owner of a perfectly chiseled and beautiful slim face!

On being queried upon, she let us know some basic secrets that she used to convert her ’once upon a time fatty face” into the beautiful face of a diva.

Here are the secrets or 8 simple steps to achieve a slimmer face:

1. Technique to apply the right blusher

For those that want to make their round faces appear slimmer, they should know the correct way to apply their blush.

Blushing is an art and the right person applies it on the area that is known as an apple. By apple, I mean the area that falls below the eyes and above the cheekbones.

Applying your blush on this area makes it look slimmer and attractive.  Always brush upwards right with a right stroke that accentuates your cheekbones.

2. Proper selection of colors

When applying blush, choose the ones that control the shine factor and make your face look thinner.

It is best to avoid colors like pink and shades of red that seem to make you look aged and bulkier.

Choosing certain shades of browns and bronzes works best if you have a weighty face and want it to look slimmer.

In case you have applied matte brown blush, then it is best if you could accompany it with the same shade of eye shadow.

3. Buy a good collection of brushes

Those who want to make their face appear slim, have to invest in a good collection of brushes meant for eyes, lips, cheeks and face. There are number of different kinds of brushes like small, medium and double to angled. All have different roles to play.

It would be suggested that you go for the one that has the perfect shape and can comfortably help you apply shades. Be it your cheekbones or eyes, you need good and stable varieties that can be used to apply colors on one single stroke, without you having to bother about breakage.

For applying eye shadows, you would, probably need eye shadow brushes that are double or fluffy.

4. Blending

One should apply colors that gel well with each other. No one wants to look like a ghost or a cartoon with visible lines on their faces.

When applying colors, make sure you use an angled brush to put different colors just below your cheekbone area, without you smiling.

Keep neutral and start applying colors in circular motion while blending them so that your face looks slimmer with no lines visible.

5. Do not neglect your nose

Nose assumes an important role when we are trying our best to make our face appear slim.

When applying any color with the help of a blusher, make sure to blend in the colors correctly on the nose, thereby, preventing your nose from standing out alone and making you look silly.

The trick to correct application lies in the removal of excess color that seems to get attached to your brush. A gentle tap to ward off excess color would benefit you to achieve a slim face.

Also, it is best if you can start applying your blusher from the top most portion of your face, i.e., the eyebrows, way down to your chin. Doing this will help you get a more natural look for your face.

6. Make use of a highlighter

Quite often, we just make do with blushers and mascaras forgetting the importance of highlighters in our everyday make up ritual.

Using highlighters can definitely make our face seem slimmer and more beautiful. In addition to adding beauty, they also seem to make your face get a dramatic makeover.

One should know the trick in applying a highlighter the correct way. Start applying it on your cheekbone area, going towards the bridge of your nose.

Now do not stop here. Start to mix or blend the color. Doing this will surely make you appear like a diva and your face angelic!

7. Make use of cream colored and powder based eye shadows

Another technique to get yourself a slimmer face is to apply cream to pastel colored eye shadows.

This will make your face appear slim.

Dark shadows often bulk up the face, adding more weight.

8. Practice makes one perfect

You have to keep doing this make up drill to be able to become skilled in concealing any unwanted facial weight.

Making your face look slimmer, takes practice and once you begin to get the desired results, you would not like to stop.

One more thing to remember is to carry quite a few of chewing gums. They will help you shaping up your face naturally. Chew about 1 to 2 gums in a day to get rid of your facial weight.

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