How to Deal with Postpartum Hair Loss

Many women develop thick and healthy hair during pregnancy. This is a one-of-a-kind experience because we all struggle to have healthy and lustrous hair in most instances.

But, when the baby born, things change.

The hair starts falling out. The exciting experience turns into stress, as many mothers start stressing about the new development which mostly comes after six months of delivery.

The good news is, postpartum hair loss is a short-lived and a normal process that will not even worry your doctor. By the time the baby hits 11 months to one year, your hair will start growing back, and in no time, it will go back to normal.

However, if your experience excessive hair loss, you might have a reason to get worried. However, you are in the right place.

6 Ways of Dealing Postpartum Hair Loss

Well, though this kind of hair loss is unavoidable, the question is how to deal with postpartum hair loss? Below are 6 ways you can take to control this type of hair loss before your hair regains normalcy.

1. Use a thickening shampoo or conditioner

You might be too engaged with your bundle of joy such that you might not find time to go to your hairdresser or hit the beauty shop for hair products.

However, if you want the best for your hair, you should not lack thickening shampoo or conditioner. This is because they contain ingredients that create a coating on your hair making it appear fuller.

Alternatively, you can also try essential oil for hair growth and thickness.

2. Try coloring your hair

According to research coloring hair gives it a body. If you discover a receding hairline, highlight the front with a color that corresponds with your hair type.

This will make it difficult for people to note that you are suffering from postpartum hair loss.

If coloring is not your thing, you might as well glossing, which is a treatment that will give your hair an all-over shine throughout the day.

3. Wear hair ornaments

Sometimes, you are too busy with the child and work, and it becomes almost impossible to take care of your hair.

Since you want to let, the hair grows by itself while disguising it at the same time. Bandanas and headbands are stylish and fun, and they will work great for you. Check out some cool Bandana scarves at Amazon.

wear bandana and headbands

However, make sure that you talk to a professional who will advise you on the ornament to wear, considering that the modern market contains ornaments that are made with fabrics that can cause further damage to your hair.

4. Cut it!

As crazy as this might look, cutting your hair is one of the best ways to deal with hair loss when breastfeeding.

However, you do not wake up one day and decide to do a haircut. Remember, you are a woman, and your hair says a lot about you. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to visit your hairstylist who will give professional advice on how you need to go about this process.

Well, cutting your hair does not necessarily mean that you need to get rid of all the strands on your head. Rather, it means that you get a hairstyle that will take care of the areas that have suffered massive hair loss.

For example, if you previously had long hair, all you will need to do is shorten it into long bangs that will frame the face and make it hard for others to notice that you are actually suffering from hair loss.

Always remember that your hair in one of the most critical parts of your body as a woman. You should do all it takes to ensure that it stands out at all times. Therefore, when trimming it by yourself, make sure that you use tools that meet quality standards.

Do not use any tool because you believe it will bring out the desired results. Instead, do thorough research and find those that will enhance your beauty as a mom.

You can turn to sites such as for hair clippers that will give you a cut that will make heads roll.

5. Be careful with what you eat

For a fact, we are what we eat. The foods that you eat will determine the time it will take for your hair to regrow.

Make sure you eat well and do not forget to take your prenatal tablets.

Also, ensure that you hydrate since your hair will need a substantial amount of water to grow healthy and strong.

6. Be gentle on your hair

If you think that being rough on your hair will make it regrow faster, you are damn wrong.

To get the best, treat every strand as your best friend.

First, avoid excessive heat.

It can make the remaining hair dry and brittle, something that will eventually force it to break; hence more hair loss.

If you must use heat, use the sun which is a source freely given by Mother Nature, or use your drier at the lowest settings.

Here’s an amazing video about postpartum hair care.

Finally, there are a host of other gentle hair care tips for breastfeeding moms suffering from hair loss which include;

  • Avoid retouch, treatment, or perming your hair during this period
  • Avoid brushing the hair while wet because the practice can cause more hair loss
  • Use a wide tooth comb
  • Do not over shampoo the hair
  • In case you discover that you have used all the tips mentioned above, but you are still losing your hair excessively, consult your doctor.


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