How to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend Instantly: 9 Complements That Works

It doesn’t matter if your girlfriend is having a bad day, or if you just want to show her that you care, use any of these good compliments to cheer her up and make her feel special. Everyone likes being complimented in one way or another, so it can really show that you care if it is out of the blue and unexpected. Use any of these good compliments with a bouquet of flowers to take your game to the next level! Here are our top 9 good compliments to get you started.

You have beautiful eyes

They say the eyes are the window into the soul. Look her in the eye and tell her that she has beautiful eyes and she will be blushing. Use this good compliment if you noticed that she has done her makeup differently as well, and it will show that you are seeing when she is changing up her routine!

You are so intelligent

Comment on her intelligence and compliment her on her academic accomplishments. Let her know that she wouldn’t be where she is today without her knowledge and let her know she should reflect on where she was x amount of years ago to where she is today. It will also show that you have noticed her learning and growing as a person.

Your hair looks great!

If your girlfriend has changed up her hairstyle or has recently gotten a haircut, make sure you give her this good compliment to show that you noticed! Even if it is just the hairstyle that she changed, the fact that you saw will provide her with more confidence to try out different hairstyles in the future.

That outfit looks perfect

Women often struggle with their weight and how they look in their clothes. You giving them good compliments on how they look in their outfits and the outfits themselves will give your girlfriend a boost of confidence! If you notice that she is wearing a different color shirt let her know that color looks perfect on her, or if she is wearing a different cut of jeans comment on how slim they make her look.

Your skin is radiant

Getting compliments on your skin is an excellent compliment to hear, especially when so many people struggle with acne and blemishes. If your girlfriend’s skin is looking particularly radiant and glowing, let her know! She will love that you noticed, and if she is trying out a new skincare routine, she will see that it is working.

You are a kind person

It may not seem like as good of a compliment as hearing something about your outer appearance, but hearing about how you interact with people – like being a kind person – is just as important, if not more, than hearing about how you look. Usually, it makes you feel better as well hearing that someone else has noticed that you have a kind soul.

Complements for cheering up your girlfriend

It looks like you have lost weight!

If you know that your girlfriend struggles with her weight and that she has been trying to eat better and exercise, it is always a great confidence booster to hear that some of that hard work has paid off. Let her know that you love how she looks no matter what; however, you love that she is getting healthier for her, and not just for how she looks.

You are a great mother/sister/friend

Obviously, you can only use mother if your girlfriend has had a child, but if not, you could also say sister/daughter/girlfriend; whatever best fits the situation! Hearing that you are a great mother/sister/daughter/etc. is always such a good compliment because of the fact that it pertains to the family. Family is a massive part of most people’s lives, so hearing that you are supportive and doing a good job in whatever role you are in is always nice to hear.

You amaze me every day!

Just hearing something simple like you amaze me is a good compliment because it can be used in literally any situation! If your girlfriend is feeling down, this compliment can be used. Likewise, if she is doing great and feeling on top of the world, this compliment can show her that you are so proud. It is an excellent way to show that you care about her accomplishments and where she is going in life.

All of these good compliments can be used every day to show your girlfriend how much you care about her and support her. Don’t be afraid to use your words and tell her your thoughts. Communication is key to any relationship and giving her good compliments and telling her how you feel will keep your relationship healthy. You can add to any of these compliments as well to make them your own!

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