How to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Growing

Whether you possess short hair or long, dull hair or healthy, stylists know the real tricks to bring back your hair to its natural self. Find out here some invaluable healthy hair tips from top hair experts.

  1. Want to maintain healthy and luscious hair? Then keep eye on your diet. Your diet should be well-balanced. For this you should take enough fruits and vegetables, brown rice, nuts, pulses and beans, and you will find your locks in excellent form in no time.
  2. Use quality and organic shampoo and conditioner just appropriate to your hair type. Many specialist products are available on the market. Choose the right one.
  3. Avoid scorching sun, even during winter. Ultra violet rays in sunlight can create drying effects on your hair and even fade the color you use. It is therefore necessary that you use the products which have sunscreens to protect your hair from direct sunlight.
  4. Use a round brush for the purpose of drying your hair. Dry it in sections starting from the roots to the ends. Allow your hair to cool off naturally and then switch over to another section.
  5. If you have got shoulder-length hair, take care of this a piece of fine, old lace. Therefore, avoid needless brushing, combing and handling instead use a good quality soft bristles which flex in the brush.
  6. In the modern day work culture, stress and negative emotions are almost unavoidable. Stress may cause hair loss, excessive sebum production and flaky scalp conditions. Try to remain always relaxed and do certain recommended exercises/Yoga/Meditation to de-stress yourself completely.
  7. You can boost your hair color, either natural or dyed one, with the help of a enhanced quality shampoo and conditioner.
  8. Have you got oily hair? Don’t worry. Rinse your hair with diluted apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice for lustrous shine and to cleanse your greasy roots.
  9. Washing of hair is an art. For effective hair wash take a little shampoo on your palm and rub it with both the hands and then apply the shampoo on your hair evenly, lather and repeat the process covering all portions. Rinse and then apply a good quality conditioner covering both up to the ends and mid-lengths.
  10. In order to remove the product built up, you need to deep cleanse your hair at least once every week. This process will also revitalize your color.
  11. Massaging is an age old therapy to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. For this you need to massage your scalp every day for quite a few minutes. This will stimulate your scalp thus facilitating blood circulation and removal of dead skin cells. This will also help you in preventing dandruff.
  12. Do you feel that your daily diet is not sufficiently covering the minimum bodily requirements of vitamins and nutrients? Then, you need to supplement your diet with vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, primrose oil along with a superior quality multivitamin. This will fulfill your hair-building requirements.
  13. Regular trimming of hair at least once in every six to eight weeks will take care of split ends and bring back life to your hair.
  14. Apart from eating well, you also need to get quite a good hours of daily sleep.
  15. Always prefer to dry your hair using a heat blower at its low setting. Never dry your hair when it is wet as it takes a lot of drying time causing damage to your hair. Rather dry it when it is damp. Damp hair means less drying time.
  16. Wash your hair using warm water from time to time. Warm water stimulates the production of sebum in your scalp. Remember, production of sebum is necessary to prevent the scalp from drying out as well as to maintain the health of both of both hair and skin.
  17. Prior to coming out of the shower, our hair with the cold water for a few seconds and then rinse it quickly through your strands. This will facilitate in sealing the cuticle, adding a sleek finish to your hair.
  18. In case you have got hard water, never try to over-lather the dying shampoo you use rather wash it completely and then re-lather once again.
  19. Frequent movements between warm and cold environments particularly during winter days cause stress to your hair. Using deep conditioner at least once a week during those days provide moisture to your hair.
  20. Are you going for swimming or the gym? Then you need to wash your hair every day by using a gentle and soft moisturizing shampoo with very light conditioner to avoid excessive-cleaning.
  21. Prefer a sulfate-free formula shampoos that lather less as excessive lather are normally overloaded with moisturizers that can leave build-up in the hair causing it look and feel dirtier quickly.

Start following these tips from today. Some of them do not need any investments. You just need to turn them as your beauty habit. If you are already following some of the healthy hair tips that we mentioned, share your experience with us in comment section.

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