7 Devastating Hair Coloring Mistakes You Must Avoid

Covering grays, streaking or highlighting, hair coloring offers women to exhibit themselves in different avatars and styles. However, choosing the right hair color and the right technique is important and one should avoid committing the following 7 devastating hair coloring mistakes:

1. Washing & “not” washing (!) hair before color application

This is probably the most common hair coloring mistake. Many women do not wash or use conditioner before coloring their hair. If you apply hair color onto dirty and matted hair, you will not get the desired results. Thus, the coloring will go a waste.

Make sure to condition your hair at least a month back, before you start coloring it. One should also give a nice trim to prevent split ends and tangled hair.

It is best to leave your hair slightly wet when applying hair color.

However, applying conditioner just before you color your hair is a big mistake as conditioners tend to make the hair strands stickier and prevent the color from spreading on hair.

2. Choosing colors that do not suit your face

There are many types of colors that women can select to dye their hair. However, it is a good idea to take a second opinion about the right color that suits your face.

Sometimes, colors like purple, blue and red are chosen as highlights, however, with disastrous results! It is best to consider playing it safe and stick to the normal and usual hair colors that will surely not make us appear like fools!


Try to choose such colors that do not need you to run from one corner to another. Ask for tips and suggestions from your friends. Be safe and select safe!

3. Not adhering to the time limit

When we color our hair, it is imperative that we do not leave the dye on for too long. This will cause hair fall and will also make your hair soak in all the harsh chemicals.

Many people think that leaving the color for a long time would accentuate it more.

You’re damn wrong. It will cause hair damage and nothing else!

4. Opting for permanent hair dye

Permanent hair colors contain harsh chemicals like ammonia that have adverse effect on hair follicles. They are known for causing hair loss.

It is best to stick to temporary hair coloring that is a safer option.

5. Applying hair color without a trial

Another common mistake that some of us make when coloring our hair is to forget testing it on a small skin patch. If you choose a color and apply it without testing it on your body part, chances of allergic reactions double up.

It is best to try the color either on the back of the ear or a small portion in the inner wrist. Testing is done to look for skin irritations, blotches, spots and any other allergic reactions that direct you not to proceed with hair coloring at all.

In case, you suffer from any of these irritations, make sure to wash the area with cool water and apply some antiseptic cream. This test can be done 2 days in advance.

6. Buying wrong color

Sometimes you may mistakenly apply permanent color instead of temporary dye.

Many times, I, myself, have made the mistake of wrongly picking up the hair color box, thinking it to be of temporary type. However, I was lucky as I read the instructions before applying it.

This is one common mistake that some women commit when buying hair color brands from the supermarkets.

So, please read instructions carefully on the back of your hair color box.

7. Too much bleaching

Many people look pretty boring and dirty with colored hair. Have you wondered why?

Well, it is, probably because they have bleached their hair frequently than needed. Excessive bleaching of hair makes it dry and tangled.

Your hair starts to lose its shine and appears fuzzy. Though, some may like the fuzzy colored look.

However, it is harmful to your hair’s health and this can cause permanent hair damage and loss.

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