How to Look Taller: 10 (Idiot-Proof) Fashion Hacks for Petite Girls

For sure, we do like to live up to the mindset that we should love our body no matter what everybody thinks.

But, it is a different case for petite women.

It is because height can be a serious obstacle when it comes to style and fashion, and what we always have in mind is to get the better of the challenge of stretching out vertically.

We have to ask ourselves: How to look taller?

The answer is “illusion”.

Let’s play with people’s mind by creating illusion of looking taller with few fashion hacks. Tricky, right?

How to Look Taller: 10 Fashion Hacks You Should Try

A girl’s height, after all, stops its development between the age of 14 and 15. So your dream of becoming taller depends on how old you are at present.

But thanks to fashion experts that can also double as magicians, we can now create the illusion of making our heights appear taller than it is.

So, just follow these fashion and styling tricks and cast away your worries of being vertically challenged.

1. Put On Some Flared Jeans

Wearing jeans with flare at the bottom, particularly the ones which have a slim fit near the leg and with hems that reach the shoes, creates an illusion of making your legs look longer than it is.

And you can pull off the ultimate abracadabra by matching it with a waist-length top, or a tuck-in blouse.

2. V-Necks for Victory

The reason why V-necks are excellent in making you look tall is that it draws the eye of the beholder upwards to your face. It also makes your neck appear longer by creating an illusion of a lengthened torso.

So take this opportunity now as V-necks is still a trend in fashion.

3. Opt for Thin Belts

Wear a thin belt

There is always a time when you will need a belt for practical and aesthetic purposes.

So when you choose to wear belts, make sure to go for the thinnest that you can find.

Thin belts will mark your natural waist in the most advantageous way as possible.

Belts that are wide, on the other hand, will make you look cut in half which only adds up to your height problem.

4. Choose Heels with Low-Cut Vamp

Heels with Low-Cut Vamp

You want to look tall, right?

Grab the chance the next time you visit a shoe store, and look for a pair of heels which has a low-cut vamp.

Shoes with low-cut vamps make your legs appear long especially when you match it with shorts, skirts, and dresses.

For an ultimate long-legged effect, look for the color of shoes that blends with your skin tone.

5. Go for High-Waisted Outfit

High-waisted lower body outfits are in trend due to its aesthetic appeal and also in ways that are practical.

So, for petite women, make sure to take advantage of the trend by going high waist because it can elongate your legs for your benefit. High waist skirts, shorts, and trousers make your legs look longer by taking some space in your upper body.

You can look for a high-waisted outfit in sites like French Connection.

Go for High-Waisted Outfit

6. Sport a Maxi Dress or Skirts

The same with flared jeans, maxi skirts and dresses reach your shoes which create the appearance of making your body look taller than it is.

When wearing a maxi dress, just make sure that the hemline does not reach as far down as it causes tripping.

Pair your maxi dress with a fitted top that is tuck-in, or a cropped jacket to avoid the appearance of drowning yourself in the fabric.

7. Wear Vertical Stripes

Wearing vertical stripes are one of the solutions to your height problem.

It is because an outfit with vertical lines creates the illusion of making yourself tall.

The good thing is, you will not find it difficult to look for clothes with vertical stripes because they are readily available and they never go out of trend.

8. Keep Your Accessories to the Minimum

As what I have mentioned, one the of the solutions in making yourself appear taller than your real height is to draw the attention of the on-looker upward to your face.

The more the person looks to that direction, the more you look taller.

Therefore, avoid wearing something that draws the eye near below your chest.

For example, steer clear of wearing heavy necklaces because women who do not have the gift of height also do not have long necks.

9. Keep It Fit

In fashion, it is always essential to keep your clothes fit, and this rule is the same for women who are petite.

Closer and tighter fitting clothes do the trick of making the length of your torso appear taller as it highlights your body outline.

A loose-fitting outfit, on the other hand, drowns your body figure, making you look shorter than you are.

10. Go for Monochrome Palette

Opting for a monochrome scheme for your overall outfit can emphasize your body features and help create the illusion of a more extended height.

If you go for it, make sure to contrast with shades instead of colors, and remember the rule that the darker the shade, the better.

For example, you can go dark in the lower part of your body, and make it lighter on top.

Key Takeaway

For petite women, becoming taller seems a far-fetched idea. But worry no more, there are styling tricks that you can do to make it appear to everybody that you are not that lacking vertically.

All you have to is to follow the methods mentioned above for you to reach new heights.

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