How to Hydrate Skin from the Inside Out: 8 Effective Solutions

Summer months take a toll on our skins, making them appear lifeless and dull. The humidity coupled with dry air, are all responsible factors that cause dehydrated skin. However, we can follow a number of tips to have that glowing and soft looking skin. You just need to be diligent in pursuing them.

Let me give you a list of about 8 effective ways that can hydrate you dry skins from inside out.

How to Hydrate Skin from the Inside Out: 8 Simple Solutions

1. Wear cotton clothes

For all these years, I was under the impression that I should wear cotton only in summer. Boy, what a fool I was! Cotton and bamboo are the best fabrics to be worn for any and every season. If you want your skin to glow and appear vibrant, then wear only clothes that are made out of these two materials. They will help your skin to breathe and take in lots of oxygen. Materials like nylon and polyester are the factors that can cause itchiness and other forms of skin problems. So, particularly during summer, AVOID them.

2. Drink like a Fish

In order to have a shiny and good looking skin, you need to drink as much water as you can during the day. Water is a life saver for those who are suffering from dehydrated skin. It will relieve you from many skin problems.

In addition to flushing out toxins, water, also provides suppleness to your skin. And make it look livelier. Drinking about 10 glasses of water is enough to keep you look hydrated and fresh.

3. Haven’t you heard smoking is bad for health

Smoking is one of the major factors contributing towards lifeless and dehydrated skins. Since, smoking contains nicotine, a chemical, quite detrimental to our health, it is best to avoid it at any cost. Smoking has been proven to shun our skin of basic nutrients and oxygen. It reduces the proper flow of blood to our skin.

Poor blood flow hamper our skin’s elasticity and deprives it of collagen, a basic ingredient for skin development and growth. Haven’t you seen smokers with dry and wrinkly skins?

4. Don’t be over dependent on air conditioners and heaters

The more we stay in air-conditioned rooms , the worse our skin becomes. ACs and heaters can cause dryness, lifelessness and dullness of your skin.

Heaters and ACs are suckers of wetness and are instrumental in making your rooms dry, devoid of any moisture. This dryness is just not restricted to your rooms, but also to your skins.

5. Protect yourselves from the sun’s harmful rays

The key to maintain a healthy skin is to keep off from the rays of the sun that can rob your skin of moisture and all the basic nutrients that make it vibrant and healthy. Sun rays are also known to cause skin cancer and other ailments that are dangerous for your health.

The best time to venture out is, before the clock strikes 10. One should stay indoors till about 3 pm when the sun rays are at their glorious best. However, going out after 5 pm is safe for you. Always make sure to apply some good, moisturizer based sunscreen lotions containing SPF 15 to 40.

6. Eat lots of pumpkins, berries, coconuts and avocados

Some vegetables and fruits are naturally endowed with nutrients that make our skin supple and glowing. One such vegetable is pumpkin. Which is known to cure your dehydrated skins and helps in providing it with moisturizers.One should consume pumpkins daily to have a beautiful looking skin.

Avocados are life savers for most of you who have dry and patchy skins. Since they contain healthy fats and minerals that are big contributors to healthy looking bodies and skins. Daily intake of green leafy vegetables and other such fiber rich foods, too, increase your moisturizer content, making your skin look younger and shiny!

7. Be fishy

By this I do not mean that you have to behave like a fish. However, try to consume lots of fish that are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are high in moisture content and provide all the good fats and anti oxidants. Apparently, they are such a life saver for the people who have dry skin. Eating supplements, too, can cure the problem of dryness and will make our skin appear lively and smooth.

8. Who has stopped you from applying natural body moisturizers

Make it a daily routine to apply a generous dose of moisturizers, especially during bedtime. Select those that are natural and contain Aloe Vera gel and other such proven ingredients that bring suppleness and elasticity to your skin. Doing this everyday will get you free from dry skin and you will see a marked difference in the way your skin appears.

If you are suffering from dull and dry skin, start applying these effective ways to hydrate your skin. Start from today and you will see the result in 15 days. Trust me!

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