10 Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat Faster: Natural Tips Based on Research

Obesity is one of the most fast spreading epidemics throughout the globe, with about 40 percent of people suffering from excessive fat formation on their tummies. Bad diet coupled with a sedentary lifestyle is the main cause for fat formation in stomachs. Thought there are a number of fast tricks that claim to reduce tummy fat; I am a believer of going slow and taking one step at a time. There is no short cut that can help you achieve those perfect flashboard abs but following certain do’s and don’ts can surely help. Some of these are listed below:

1. Following a moderate diet surely helps

If you want to flaunt your flashboard abs, then you got to watch what you eat. Loosing belly fat needs a regime of dieting and following a nutritional chart. It would not serve any purpose if you continue with gymming but keep gorging on fast food. Talking with a nutritionist is a good idea. Building muscles is quite easy but losing your belly fat isn’t. One can achieve this aim only by eating foods that are fibrous and do not contain fats and calories. Eating wholegrain foods is a good option. Following a chart will enable you to focus on losing some of your belly fat. Include items like poultry, fish, eggs, cottage cheese that are high sources of proteins. To lose fat from the stomach region, one needs to have a combo diet comprising of fats, veggies, fruits and carbohydrates. You can get these in bananas, apples, kale, cabbage, broccoli, salads, peers, flax seeds, whole grain pasta and oats. The mantra to losing belly fat is to eat everything in moderation.

2. Stop with your Crunches

For all those fitness freaks out there, it is suggested that they stop doing their crunches as doing these only build muscles. You are not going to lose an iota of fat around your tummy. Yes, it is a fact that is not known by many. The fat that covers your abs will remain the same with added muscle build. Earlier it was believed that crunches helped in fat reduction but now it has been proved otherwise. When doing crunches, care has to be taken not to injure your lower back or your neck. Before doing these, please refer your gym trainer who will guide you to lose fat around your tummy.

3. Do some strength training

One can lose up to 2.5 kilos of belly fat by doing some strength training exercises. Such training helps to build muscle mass. While doing these exercises, you end up losing fat from head to toe as these are quite strenuous exercises which burn a lot of fat. There are lesser chances of spraining your lower back and spine. These are one of the most popular ways to reduce tummy fat. However, one has to be in the gym for a long time and there is no short cut. It will take time before you see your well muscled abs. Hence, keep going.

4. Consume less or no alcohol

If you wish to burn that irritating fat around your tummy, it would be a wise thing to reduce your alcohol consumption. Alcohol contains high amounts of calories and contributes to weight gain. Drinking in moderation is fine but making it a daily routine is a complete no. Reducing belly fat for beer drinkers is tough as beer contains double the amount of calories contained in pizzas and burgers. Pot bellied people with pear shaped bodies and heavy chests are signs of beer drinkers. Drinking vodka and other aerated drinks is a complete disaster if you want to reduce your belly fat.

5. Eating less Carbohydrates helps

One should not let go off carbohydrates completely as these provide energy to sustain. Erasing them totally from your diet will only add to more health problems. What you need is a moderate mix of carbs along with salads and other nutritious foods. While a slight intake of carbs is advised, eating these in large quantities will make you even fatter.

6. Keep eating a balanced diet

The mantra to maintain weight and to lose belly fat is to eat the right foods that are rich in all kinds of minerals, and proteins. Never follow the fads like the GM diet or the Atkins diet. These will help you burn lot of calories but the moment you stop following them, your body would react adversely, adding more lard to your body. Once you have decided to reduce your belly fat, eat correct foods from time to time. Never make the mistake of missing any meal. The more you eat the more fat your body will burn. Starving will accentuate the problem whereby the body will attack your muscle build. You would be wasting your muscle instead of fat.

7. Drink lots of water

One of the most effective easy to lose tummy fat is to keep drinking water in copious amounts. Workouts drain you of water and it is essential to remain hydrated. The best way to quench your thirst is to keep drinking every now and then. This will keep you away from other aerated and sugary drinks that are the worst things to get you fat.

8. Never stop with your exercise routine

Most of us get so engrossed to marvel on our fat reduction success that we often commit the mistake of relaxing and stopping it altogether. Come on, what will a day or two of rest make any difference? That is what we ask ourselves each tome we miss a gym session. Having reached your goal of a flat tummy does not mean that you have to stop excising. Keep up with the good work and you will look fabulous for a long time.

9. Don’t fall prey to scams and lies

Losing fat from tummy requires you to stay away from all the scamsters that claim fast and easy methods to reduce belly fat. These claims are baseless and one should not waste his time on these. There is no fast diet, pill or shake that can help you lose fat.

10. Limit amounts of food on your plates

Drink water before you sit down to eat. The result will be surprising. The feeling of fullness that accompanies when you have water, contributes to eating less.


Staying fit is a requirement and one should remain motivated. Do not lose heart as your hard labour will pay off soon. Go, start exercising guys!

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