11 Best Rotating Hot Air Brushes of 2022: In-depth Reviews

If you’re anything like most people, you love salon-styled but hate the hassle of doing it yourself – not to mention the cost! Drying it then curling it can take an average of two hours for a girl with long, thick hair, and show me a girl with that kind of time or money!

Well, the hair gods have heard our prayers and answered them because there’s something called a rotating hot air brush and it does the formidable task of drying and curling hair at the same time.

11 Best Rotating Hot Air Brush Reviews

There are many versions on the market, and they all have their benefits, but which ones are right for you? We’ll help you walk through some of the models available and figure out which rotating hot air brush will do the most work for you.

Read all the way through for some FAQs at the bottom of the article, too!

1. Infinitypro by CONAIR Hot Air Spin Brush – Combo set

Conair is a well-known hair tools and products giant, so it’s a safe bet that their hair products will always deliver. This combo set comes with a two-inch brush for larger curls and a 1.5-inch brush for smaller, more natural curls or beachy waves.

The bristles are tangle-free and anti-static, and ion technology protects your hair from heat damage. That doesn’t mean you should skip the heat protectant!

This brush can spin in both directions, or you can opt-out of the spin feature altogether for a stationary use by using its cooler setting. Beyond that, it has two heat settings and comes with a protective brush cover for travel.

The brush also has a replaceable filter, which prolongs the motor’s life by allowing you to clean lint or dust particles that may build up.


  • ‘Cool’ setting allows for no spin or heat – perfect for protecting your hair
  • Replaceable filter prolongs the life of your hot air spin brush
  • Anti-static bristles (yay!)


  • Bristles may not be great for thicker or longer hair.

2. BaBylissPRO BABNT178 Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

Do you know how you watch the stylist like a hawk in the hopes that you can recreate the same look at home? Well, now you won’t have to. The Babyliss will do it for you. It’s ergonomically designed to make sure your hand and arms are comfortable, it rotates both ways, and the three temperature settings cater to all hair types.

The barrel is 2 inches, and the manufacturer recommends using it when your hair is about 80 – 90% dry for best results.


  • The convenient location of buttons doesn’t interfere with styling
  • Soft bristles don’t irritate the scalp but still style well


  • Only one barrel size
  • Higher-end price

3. Tru Beauty Rotating Hot Air Brush

Sometimes we don’t want to have to exert the brainpower on whether we need a 2-inch barrel or a 1.5-inch one, regardless of how simple that is. Or maybe you just don’t want the extra attachments cluttering your vanity – whatever your reasons, you just want a simple hot air brush that will do what you need it to.

This product is such a brush – it’s safe to use daily because of its low heat settings and ion technology. It’s multi-directional, so your curls will look natural, and here’s the best part: it has a 360-degree swivel cord, so you’re never tangled up in it! It is a standard 2-inch barrel – ideal for bigger curls.


  • Three heat settings you can choose between for your needs
  • 360-degree swivel cord for tangle-free styling


  • Only one curl pattern option

4. Barrette Hair Dryer with Brush Volumizer

We’ve all melted a brush or two with our hair dryer, right? No? Just me? Well, this hot air brush has bristles that are high temperature resistant and promise not to deform after long-term use. It comes with two attachments: the two-inch and 1.5-inch barrels.

They’re both made of aluminum, and it uses ionic technology to protect your hair. This brush is saying all the right things, right? Even more – it has a 360-degree swivel cord, ergonomic handle design, and multi-directional rotation.

It also has an LED button to indicate power! It won’t rotate on the cool setting, as many won’t. Like the Man Nuo brush, the release button is on the top, so you have to change the barrels manually with no risk of pre-release here.


  • Two sizes of barrels
  • LED button to indicate power
  • Top button for the barrel release


  • Not recommended for short hair or tiny hands

5. Salon Beauty Perfect Heat Large

Salon Beauty’s brush comes with two barrels – the standard 2 inches and 1.5 inches – and touts tangle-free bristles. The multi-directional rotation is great for adding volume, and the brush is coated with ceramic tourmaline.

The manufacturer recommends using it on damp hair and gripping the brush with both hands while styling for extra control. You can use this hair product with or without the spin function, as we’ve seen in most models – great for getting your hair to the damp stage before fully styling.


  • Ceramic tourmaline technology is excellent for protecting your hair
  • Tangle-free bristles
  • Two bristles for more styling options


  • You need both hands to style it, which can get tiresome

6. Semme One-Step Hair Dryer Comb

Semme’s brush uses ionic technology to straighten or curl your hair. The three settings (high, low, or cool) are suitable for all types of hair and can work on wet or dry hair.

The brush is unique in that it’s less of an all-round brush and more like an oval paddle brush with soft bristles. It doesn’t have an auto-shutoff, as most hair electronics do these days, so do be careful using this.


  • Ionic technology
  • Can be used on wet hair or dry hair


  • No auto-shutoff feature
  • Paddle-shaped brush

7. NADAENMF Rotating Hot Air Brush

The bristles on this particular brush are a combination of synthetic and boar bristles, which is unique so far. Boar bristles are great for styling hair, so this is a plus! The brush also boasts ion technology and ergonomic design in addition to a 360-degree swivel cord and three temperature settings: 302℉, 239℉, and a cool setting to set the styling.

This brush is the smallest barrel size so far at 1.25 inches, so prepare for some curly hair!


  • Boar bristles + synthetic bristles = healthy hair
  • Ergonomic design


  • Smaller barrel means only one curl pattern available

8. JOYYUM 3-in-1 Hot Air Spin Brush

Joyyum’s brush is similar to Conair’s brush mentioned above – it has both a 2 inch and a 1.5-inch spinning attachment. The difference, however, is that this brush is ceramic and tourmaline coated. It’s still great for hair protection – just made from a different material.

The brush also comes with two adjustable heat settings (high and low) and a cool setting. The brush is ideal for shoulder length, fine or thin hair.


  • Three temperature settings: High heat, low heat, and cool
  • Multi-directional spin for natural curls
  • Very affordable


  • Designed specifically for short and fine hair
  • Cord is slightly on the short side

9. Man Nuo Hot Air Brush One-Step Hair Dryer Brush & Volumizer

If you ascribe to the idea that ‘more is more,’ instead of the minimalist philosophy then this hot air brush might be more your speed. It is a 4-in-1 hair dryer brush that dries, straightens, curls, and combs your hair. It is, of course, a multi-directional rotating brush, though you can stop rotation and use it on a cold air setting as well.

The barrels are detachable ceramic attachments: 2-inch barrels for longer, thick hair, or the 1.5-inch barrel for short or medium hair. This brush also has a 360-degree swivel cord!


  • Top button to remove attachment means the brush heads won’t come off in your hair
  • The 2-inch barrel has variable bristles for even heat distribution


  • Produces hair static!

10. Beatimeter Hot Air Spin Brush for Styling and Frizz Control

What more could you desire in a hot air brush? This baby boasts ionic technology, two interchangeable barrels (2 inches and 1.5 inches) with a top release button, tangle-free bristles, three temperature settings, multi-directional rotation, a 360-degree swivel cord, and an ergonomic handle.

The bristles are ceramic coated too! Some users did claim that the rotation stopped when it met any resistance at all, though that seems to be a built-in safety feature by the manufacturer – better it stops than tangles all your hair!


  • Ceramic coating
  • Ionic technology
  • Two barrels


  • Not ideal for wet hair

11. Aqziill Hair Dryer Brush

Are you ready for a magic phrase? ‘Static-free ion technology.’ How does that sound? Pretty awesome, right? The brush comes with tangle-free bristles and three temperature settings (high, low, and cool) and two interchangeable ceramic coated barrels: 2 inches and 1.5 inches. It has a 360-degree swivel cord for your convenience.

One concern with this brush is the size. It doesn’t seem to be heavier than most similar brushes, but the handle is on the larger size. Perhaps someone needs to take a page out of Barrette’s page and designate it ‘not for tiny hands,’ too!


  • Anti-static technology
  • Three temperature settings
  • Ceramic coated bristles


  • A large handle makes it difficult to manage

What is a Hot Rotating Air Brush?

A rotating hot air brush is the love-child of a hair dryer and a round brush. You know how you go to the stylist, and they do that magic trick where they spin the round brush in their fingers and use the blow dryer to make your hair look like silk? It combines those two actions to where the brush automatically rotates and produces hot air simultaneously.

The rotating hot air brush saves you from the sore back and arms that come from the acrobatics of trying to curl your hair with lowly manual tools.

Why should you use Rotating Hot Air Brush?

A rotating hot air brush combines the benefits of a blow dryer and a round brush into one convenient tool. Though it takes getting used to, ultimately, you can save money and time by switching to one device.

If you have thick hair, you know the pain of letting your hair air dry and the frizz you’re going to experience. Thin hair can fall flat – the grass is always greener, babes. No matter what, we still want to recreate the feeling and look of salon-style hair, and that’s possible once you get the hang of a rotating hot air brush.

Things to Consider before Buying Rotating Hot Air Brush


As with any purchase, you should consider what your budget is before purchasing. Most of these hot air brushes can be found under $70, so plan for that before narrowing down your budget and factoring in other options you do and don’t want. If it is just an experiment to see if you are interested in styling your hair, maybe a cheaper model might be your go-to. If you want all the bells and whistles, you might want to opt for whichever model fits your bill, regardless of price.

Heat Settings

Consider which models offer the heat settings you need. More isn’t necessarily better. If you have thin hair, you might just need a specific setting. If you have thick or long hair, you may never use the lower setting. Consider what works for your hair and find a hot air brush that works within those parameters. A cool setting is always a nice feature to have, as it is useful to set your hair after you’re done styling.

Barrel Thickness

Think of how many models we’ve mentioned that have one or two barrels in this list. Depending on your hair, that may or may not be a deal breaker for you. If you have long hair, you may need a larger barrel. If you have shorter hair, you may never use it. Focus on what you need – don’t worry about what you may need down the road. Don’t hoard!


This concept is going to sound super boring, and I know I sound like a mom, but do your research. Which kind of technology are you most comfortable with using? Which bristles most suits your hair? Tourmaline ceramic and nano-titanium are the newest technology, which therefore means they’re probably the safest choice. Ionic technology is excellent for frizz and flyaway’s. What does your hair need?

Weight of the device

Something vital to consider: How heavy is the brush? Its size and weight may not be significant at first, but lifting it over your head for however long it takes to style your hair may end up being more annoying than you think. Plus, for my wanderlust readers, every pound counts when you’re traveling, so make sure you’re able to pack light if you want to take it with you. Portability matters.

How to use a Rotating Hot Air Brush

So you’ve picked out your brush, and you are super excited to try it out. Awesome! Start by washing your hair. Then towel dry it to about 70% or 80% dryness. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant! Make sure you’ve brushed and detangled your hair as well – you need to be able to pass a brush through your hair if you want to move the hot air brush through it.

Start by sectioning your hair out. You’ll move from the back to the front. Depending on how curled you fancy your hair, either keep your hair wound in the curl once you’ve run the hot air brush through it or just let it fall if you want it straighter. The brush should have a button to control the level of heat and the direction of the rotation, so move slowly and get used to it. It’ll take a while, but you’ll get there!

You can finish off the whole look with some serum for a little more shine if you want to, though that will make your hair get oily faster, so exercise caution with this step!

Rotating Hot Air Brush vs. Hot Air Brush

As you can surmise from the heading, the two are basically the same. They both blow hot air, just like a dryer – the only difference is that one rotates, and one doesn’t. Typically, the rotating hot air brush rotates in either direction based on a control button on the handle to give hair a more natural look.

Natural curls don’t all face one direction, so this gives your curls more variety. That also mimics the motion hairstylists perform when they’re blowing out your hair, whereas the stationary one is more like a basic hair dryer with a brush built-in.

If you’re a visual learner and need an example of the difference, a hot air brush on the list is the Semme paddle brush, whereas the others all rotate.

Curling Iron vs. Rotating Hot Air Brush

The main difference between a curling iron and a rotating hot air brush is more marked – they’re entirely different tools. While you can use a rotating hot air brush on damp hair, doing so with a curling iron can mean frying your hair. The rotating hot air brush – you guessed it – rotates.

Though I have seen some curling irons that do turn, it’s not typically a standard feature. With a curling iron, you wrap your dry sectioned hair around the heated metal rod and clamp it for several seconds to allow the heat to set your hair into a curl pattern. This action is much more damaging than a rotating hot air brush over time, as the heat is directly applied and not diffused.

Hair Dryer vs. Rotating Hot Air Brush

Though both a hair dryer and a rotating hot air brush involve blowing hot air out, you typically need a second tool with a hair dryer to style your hair. A rotating hot air brush has both tools built in – the hot air and the brush (hence its name).

To curl your hair with a blow dryer, you need to use a round brush or dry it and use a curling iron. For those with naturally curly hair, they can also use a diffuser, though that can lead to frizz and flyaway’s too. It certainly doesn’t provide the salon-style look that a hot air brush does.


Are rotating hot air brushes bad for your hair?

As long as you are using the hot air brush as instructed, there is little risk of damaging your hair. Hot air brushes are considered safer than other tools like curling irons because they diffuse heat and do not hold the hair against heated plates for long periods.

Can you use a hot air brush on wet hair?

It is best to use a hot air brush on damp hair. Towel dry your hair to about 70% to maximize your styling results since its primary purpose is to smooth your hair, and that’s when all the frizz and flyaway’s form.

Can you use a hot air brush on dry hair?

Though you technically can use your hot air brush on dry hair, the brush is a finishing tool and is best used on damp hair. If you need to use it as a touch-up tool to get you through to the next washing, that’s a great option as well.

Do rotating hot brushes work?

Though there is undoubtedly a learning curve with rotating hot brushes and nothing replaces the skill and expertise of a trained hairstylist, rotating hot air brushes do give you a smoother and shinier hairstyle at home than air drying or using a round brush yourself.

Do hot air brushes straighten hair?

Yes! Though that’s not typically their main focus in the design process, they can be used to straighten hair. They add volume to hair as well, which is why they’re better suited to curls. Big hair, don’t care!


If you plan on using a hot air rotating brush, make allowances for the learning curve. It’s unfortunately not a skill we’re all born with, so you will need to learn how to handle the brush and how your hair responds to it. In other words, don’t plan on using it for the first time right before you need to make a red carpet appearance – maybe use it before a quick grocery store run first.

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