Best Hair Extensions Buying Guide for Beginners

Modish hair extensions are the trending way to add more volume, length, and style to your awesome locks. Whether you’ve got yourself a nice pair of clip-on hair extensions or the standard wefts from an online store, your hair is all set to rock that perfect wow-worthy look.

However, here is the trouble. With different hair extension brands in the market, buying the right one for your hair can be slightly challenging. There are so many factors to consider such as pricing, quality, length, the right color, style, and type.

So, how to grab the right kind?

Fret not! Simply use the tips below to snag the best hair extensions in no time.

Look For Types: Synthetic or Natural human

While it entirely depends on your specific requirements, getting synthetic or natural human hair extensions both are good choices. Natural human wefts have an edge over synthetics when it comes to styling flexibility, pragmatic scope and safety.

With synthetics, you cannot really use a nice round-brush to curl iron, flat iron, or use the blow dryer to wear different hairdos. Natural human extensions almost look real and no one would be able to recognize them. You can always style them as per your needs.

Texture & Hairstyle Ambit

There is a slew of different hair extensions available in the market that would go with your specific type of hair. Obviously, you cannot buy all of them or try one brand for different hairstyles. Each weft is built for a set of specific hairstyles and you need to see what hairdos you will be wearing to purchase a bout of hair extensions matching your tresses and preferences.

Always buy from top quality, reliable hair extensions supplier. This will allow you to get the right style and variety for your hair buns, ponytails, updos, braids or even soft curls.

Quality Test

Before you zero in on any specific hair extension, make sure you have run the shedding test at the outlet. Hair extensions can turn out to be feeble, delicate follicles that may taper off or fray easily over time. The quicker they shed the lower is their quality.

Test the wefts by running your fingers through them and see if they are durable. If they do not shed, then they are good to take back home. This is also important because you will need to be vigilant about their upkeep. The better quality you buy, the more peace of mind you get.

Check For The Right Hues

If you are not careful during the purchase process, you might just end up with an extension that has the wrong hue. Therefore, it will not blend well with your hair color. It’s a bit more daunting to select the right color tones if your hair is dyed or you’ve been using highlights or lowlights a lot.

With the wrong color, people will be able to notice your hair wefts easily and that might look odd. Nowadays, you can buy wefts that come in matching highlights, tones, and lowlights so you can easily pin them in for a smashing look.

Clip-in hair Extensions

The Length & Thickness

Do not forget to inspect the hair extension for exact length and thickness before handing over any money. Look for high-quality extensions with matching length but do not settle for a low-cost version only because of the length. You can always have a top brand trimmed at the salon for the right look.

Hold up the extension toward the light to check it for thickness and see if there are any gaps within. If you can’t spot any gaps and it has the right thickness, it would blend great with your real tresses.

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