25 Best Beauty Blogs to Follow in 2022 (Editor’s Pick)

The beauty world can be a bit daunting for a beginner. It can even seem like that to a beauty veteran. There’s so many beauty blogs out there and let’s face it, not all of them are worth your time. We’ve gathered up the 25 Best Beauty Blogs of 2022 so that you can start the year off right.

Top 25 Beauty Blogs of 2022:

Here’s our top picks of best beauty blogs to follow in 2012. Please note that, all the blogs in this list are not arranged in any particular order. Happy exploring!

Cassandra Myee


Visit the Website: http://cassandramyee.com

Started by an avid beauty lover named Cass in 2013, Cassandra Myee or CM for short is a one stop shop beauty blog. The majority of blog posts consist of product reviews and hauls. She covers everything: makeup, skincare, body care, and hair care items. Occasional extensive reviews are available as well as shorter round-up type postings.

Eleventh Beauty


Visit the Website: eleventhbeauty.com

Eleventh Beauty is of the highest caliber of organic beauty blogs around. If you’re an eco-conscious beauty lover, this a vital and rare resource. It has product recommendations for eco-friendly and cruelty-free skincare and makeup. They also have guest blogging, expert information, and organic beauty savings.

Beauty By Britanie


Visit the website: https://beautybybritanie.com/

Beauty By Britanie is all about conscious living, and owner Britanie Faith lives the lifestyle every day. She suffers from chronic health conditions and turned to mindful beauty for her health and happiness. In between maintaining her blog, Britanie researches holistic medicine.

One unique feature of this blog is a curated beauty store with all of her favorites! Beauty By Britanie has also been featured in ASOS Magazine.

A Beauty Junkie in London

Visit the Website: http://beautyjunkielondon.com

A Beauty Junkie in London is a blog by Jen, and the details are all in the blog’s name. As a blogger across the pond, Jen has a different perspective and the scoop on some brands that are rare in other parts of the world. This is a beauty and lifestyle blog. Whether you’re in the mood for some candle dupes or lipstick dupes, your needs will be met.

Also can we just mention how stunning this blog looks?

My Beauty Bunny


Visit the Website: mybeautybunny.com

If you want your beauty blog with copious amounts of credentials, we’ve got you covered. My Beauty Bunny has been featured in a number of popular publications including Refinery29, HuffPost Live, and People Style Watch Magazine. Even more impressive is the Beauty Bunny herself, Jen Mathews, and her dedication to going cruelty free.

Politics of Pretty


Visit the Website: http://politicsofpretty.com

This blog is dedicated to drama-free beauty blogging. Kara Furgusen is a makeup obsessed blogger and writer who has contributed to Washingtonian.com and Refinery29 DC. She feels that makeup brings people together in a way that many other hobbies can’t, and we’re inclined to agree. To that effect, it’s all beauty talk, all the time here.

From inside scoops to runway makeup to nail polish. If you’re a big fan of doing your own manicures the ‘On File’ series should appeal to you. It’s all about the latest nail trends and new color releases. There’s also all the normal and highly enjoyable makeup hauls and reviews.

Prime Beauty Blog


Visit the Website: http://www.primebeautyblog.net/

Prime Beauty Blog is self-described as “beauty, fashion and lifestyle for the over 40 woman.” It’s one of the most diverse beauty blogs I’ve ever seen. Beauty products, style advice, and even quick food recipes make their way here.

This blog also frequently has makeup sample giveaways, and really, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Rougepout Beauty


Visit the Website: http://www.rougepout.org

Rougepout Beauty is run by former makeup artist for YSL, Rebecca. She brings her expert industry know-how to the masses with a whole host of beauty blogging goodies. Here you’ll find hauls, empties, favorites, and product reviews. Rebecca even goes through the trouble of making YouTube videos for select posts.

Vegan Beauty Review

Visit the Website: veganbeautyreview.com

Vegan Beauty Review features exclusively vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly products (some are even all three!) Since 2007 Vegan Beauty Review has been the top vegan beauty blog. Sunny, blog owner and author, has been featured in Allure, Cosmopolitan UK, The LA Times, and countless others.

You don’t have to struggle with your beauty routine as a vegan, because a resource like this makes it easy for you.

Beauty & the Beat


Visit the Website: http://www.beautyandthebeatblog.com/

Beauty & the Beat is all about beauty lifestyle. Not only are there makeup and fashion tips, there’s also quite a bit of yoga and exercise in the mix. As an added bonus, swatches of makeup are done on Margo’s darker skin tone. This is immensely helpful for anyone without a light complexion who struggles to figure out what colors will work best for them.

The Beauty Look Book


Visit the Website: http://thebeautylookbook.com

The Beauty Look Book is all about high-end beauty products. Whether you want to do some window shopping or your tastes run expensive, there’s lots of info and glam shots to drool over here. It’s the perfect place to research all of your new beauty investments, as well as get some elegant inspiration.

Cosmetics aren’t the only thing on display, The Beauty Look Book also covers personal and home fragrance, skincare, and body care.

Practicing Simplicity


Visit the Website: http://www.practisingsimplicity.com

Practicing Simplicity is a no-frills lifestyle blog with advice on everything from style to motherhood. Life can be complex and hectic, a fact that Jodi, blog author and yoga teacher, doesn’t deny. But the little things can make it enjoyable. This simplistic blog with realistic advice is one of those things.

Pretty Connected


Visit the Website: http://prettyconnected.com

Pretty Connected is (unsurprisingly, given the name) run by a marketing and beauty expert: Lara Eurdolian. She has lended her talents to big names in the industry as NARS and Avon. Most of the content here is keeping up with the latest releases and rounding up favorites. All reviews are relatively short and easy to digest. One unique feature of this blog is that there’s plenty of insider details, such as launch parties and collaborations.

Pretty in Pigment


Visit the Website: http://www.prettyinpigment.com

Pretty in Pigment is a plus sized fashion and beauty blog curated by Sahily Perez. If you want some style inspiration Sahily has all the OOTDs and seasonal looks you’ll need. It’s lighter than most of the blogs on this list when it comes to makeup and skincare. However, that doesn’t diminish its immense value. It can be difficult to imagine and put together outfits, so why not have someone else do it for you?

The Beauty Isle


Visit the Website: http://www.thebeautyisle.com

The Beauty Isle is almost like a stroll through the cosmetics section of a beauty store. Beauty subscription boxes, new releases and monthly favorites are the main starts here. One refreshing thing about all the reviews on this blog is the honesty of all opinions, good or bad, on products. The tone is casual and relatable, probably due to blog writer El’s sincere enthusiasm for beauty.

15 Minute Beauty


Visit the Website: http://www.15minutebeauty.com

15 Minute Beauty is all about products that are easy and quick to use. As a working mom of two, blog writer, and doctor (Yes, doctor!) Christine doesn’t have as much time as she’d like to get ready in the morning. Being forced to rush and get a beauty routine down to record time inspired this wonderful little blog.

Slashed Beauty


Visit the Website: http://www.slashedbeauty.com

Slashed Beauty is all about beauty on a budget. If you’re someone facing the grim reality of the cost of makeup, Slashed Beauty can help you look great without breaking the bank. The focus is on great bargains, but many posts also contain useful tips and tricks. Makeup tutorials on this blog are almost exclusively performed with drugstore tier makeup.

Many of these articles have YouTube videos that can help you get a better idea of how products really perform.



Visit the Website: http://roseannetangrs.com

If makeup makes you feel beautiful and you wear it for yourself and no one else, you might have a lot in common with the author of this blog. Rosanne Tang started this beauty blog as a way to instill confidence in herself. What started out as a personal source of inspiration has turned into a full time career and business.

Madeleine Loves


Visit the Website: http://madeleineloves.com

This blog is one of the funniest beauty blogs I’ve come across. Really, it feels a lot less like a list of benefits and cons to products and more like chatting with an eccentric friend. Madeleine has been featured in Marie Claire and a few minutes browsing through will tell you exactly why.

Fashion. Style. Beauty.


Visit the Website: http://fashionstylebeauty.com/

Kristin Booker, author and creator of Fashion. Style. Beauty. since 2009 is an inspiration. She started this blog at a time when her life was on a downward trend and completely turned her life around. She emphasizes beauty as self care and we couldn’t agree more.

Kristin’s work has been featured in xoJane.

Beautifully Brown


Visit the Website: http://www.beautifullybrown.com/

Beautifully Brown is a blog where women of color can rock their melanin in a space catered to their specific needs. After leaving EBONY.com, blogger Melanie Yvette made this blog for brown girls of all persuasions who felt alienated by the beauty community at large. The articles here are utterly relatable and filled with opinion/commentary pieces as well as the typical beauty schtick.

The most unique feature of this blog is the “Dark Girl” section, featuring women with darker complexions utilizing all the trendy beauty looks that society told them they couldn’t.

Blog for Beauty


Visit the Website: http://blogforbeauty.com/

Featured in Italian Vogue’s Top 10 Beauty Blogs list, this is a Singapore based blog that’s worth checking out. Renee started this blog in 2006 and it has grown into an incredible resource, no matter where you live. Blog for Beauty has heaps of information about little known beauty secrets.

Something unique about Blog for Beauty is their ‘Beauty Tip of the Week’ series.



Visit the Website: http://www.kimberlyloc.com

kimberlyloc is run by Kansas based Kim Wallace. It’s one of the best and most well known natural beauty blogs out there. Natural beauty takes commitment, and Kim has a blog dedicated to that commitment. If you’re concerned about all the potentially damaging chemicals in commercial beauty then you should give it a try. kimberlyloc’s most popular articles are their ‘Ultimate Guides’. The ‘Ultimate Guide to Natural Mascaras’ is a favorite of ours because of how difficult good natural mascaras are to find.

This blog frequently features natural and organic beauty experts! Not only do you get Kim’s expertise, you get the opinion of others too.

Hot & Flashy 50


Visit the Website: http://www.hotandflashy50.com

If you’re in your ‘hot flash years’, you might be starving for beauty blogs that cater to your needs. Hot & Flashy is here to satiate that need. Anti-aging and skincare are at the forefront, but this beauty blog has style tips as well.

Civilized Cosmetics Blog

Civilized Cosmetics Blog

Visit the Website: https://civilizedcosmetics.com/blogs/news

Civilized Cosmetics exclusively features natural, non-toxic, vegan and eco-friendly products. They have tons of awesome resources for cruelty-free beauty product lovers. Civilized Cosmetics has been awarded by Feedspot as one of top 100 cosmetic blogs in 2017.

You must check their latest article “8 Reasons Why You Should Use Vegan Cosmetics” if you are planning to move towards cruelty free beauty products.

Final Words:

The world of beauty blogging can be a confusing place, especially lately. With advancements in marketing techniques some blogs can read like one long advertisement. We hope that these high quality blogs will set you in the right direction on your beauty journey!

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  1. Hey Sephora, the list you compiled is great. I really appreciate the efforts you have made. Looking forward to seeing a new list for 2019.

  2. I remember a couple of years ago when a beauty blogger friend told me that blogs will disappear because of social media and that we need to switch. Well, guess what?! I didn’t stop blogging!
    Blogs, even beauty blogs are still here and will NEVER go out of style.


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