Beauty for the Professionals: A Guide to Look Great at the Office and Beyond

If you’re a young professional, it’s always essential to maintain a polished, put-together appearance that’s office appropriate.

Especially, when your are embarking on your career or  trying to balance the demands of work and life.

No matter where you are in your professional career, this review offers a go-to guide for office beauty, hair, skincare and style.

Polish Your Professional Appearance

A put-together appearance is an important asset when it comes to landing and keeping the job of your dreams.

Complete your professional look by developing a beauty regimen that fits within your working lifestyle. From your first interview to updating your office look, here are the resources that can help.

1. Ace your interview

The appearance you put forward at your interview should be as polished as your resume. There are few secrets behind acing your interview look. That include modest makeup, a freshly pressed suit, subtle accessories and more.

2. Apply office-appropriate makeup

Although most jobs expect a conservative look when it comes to makeup, that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with your personal style. Use makeup as a tool to express your personality while keeping it office-appropriate.

3. Sidestep stale style:

The office look that’s boardroom-ready doesn’t have to be boring! Stay style savvy with a sophisticated new hairstyle or a trendy shade of eyeshadow.

4. Step your hairstyle

Even though the hairstyles seen on the fashion runways are often too edgy for the everyday office look, you can still let the latest trends inspire a new “do”. Look through a fashion magazine for fresh cut, color and styling ideas before heading to your next hair appointment.

5. Stay on budget:

Whether or not you boast the bank account of a top executive, there’s no reason to overspend on everyday beauty staples.

Desktop Beauty Ideas

It’s important to be ready for anything on the job. Whether it’s freshening up for an impromptu client meeting or rescuing your skin from the dry office air. By keeping a few key products close at hand, you can look and feel fresh all day long.

1. On-the-spot skincare solutions

A long day at the office can take a toll on skin. From an unexpected makeup meltdown to the dehydrating effects of indoor air – be prepared for common skincare snafus.

2. Cosmetic catastrophe kit

Smeared lipstick or runny mascara can plague even the best presentation. Thankfully, with a little know-how, it’s easy to prevent and fix common cosmetic calamities.

3. Daily skin defenses

Whether it’s the damaging UV rays that sneak through your office window or the dry, indoor air that zaps your skin of much-needed moisture, even a desk job can take a toll on skin health.

4. Desk drawer pick-me-ups

From dry shampoo to blotting papers, keeping a few simple essentials stashed in your desk drawer can help you look and feel fresh on the spot.

5. Age-fighting office habits

After years – or even decades – of squinting at a computer screen or sitting beside a sunny office window, premature signs of aging are sure to appear. Ditching these and other bad office habits can help you maintain healthy, ageless skin throughout your career.

Beauty for the Busy Professional

Whether you’re a frequent business traveler or have a hectic schedule that keeps you on-the-go, being busy is no excuse for looking less than polished on the job. With a few tips and tricks, you can stay looking and feeling fresh on the road, in the air and everywhere in between.

1. Beauty secrets of the sleep-deprived

A few evening habits and multi-tasking tricks can streamline your morning regimen and get your day off to a beauty-boosting start – even on the brink of exhaustion.

2. Rush hour routine

Amidst the morning chaos of ironing clothes, getting the kids off to school and finishing up last-minute assignments, there may be little time left for your beauty regimen. But showing up for work looking less than polished is never a good idea.

3. Glowing skin on-the-go

A busy career can take a toll on your complexion – resulting in less-than-radiant skin. Thankfully, it only takes a few minutes per day – at home, at the office or on-the-go – to achieve and maintain a career-boosting complexion.

4. Travel-friendly beauty

Even the savviest business travelers may struggle to squeeze in an effective skincare regimen while on-the-road. Try to spend your beauty budget wisely.

Pampering for the Professional

Even the busiest working woman can benefit from a pampering treatment from time to time. Penciling in an appointment for a facial or much-needed massage can bring soothing relief from office chaos while helping you put your best face forward. Here are great pampering ideas for the busy professional:

1. Invest in your face

As a career woman, a healthy complexion is an essential asset that boosts your confidence and impresses your peers. A professional facial is a multitasking way to relieve stress while improving your appearance.

2. Escape over lunch

If you’re lucky enough to work within a short drive from a day spa, you can sneak away for some stress-relieving pampering over your lunch. Many spas offer quick lunchtime treatments including facials, manicures and massages.

3. Pamper after work

Feeling fatigued at the end of a long day at the office? Plan some post-work pampering to reduce stress and soothe your mind.

Final Words:

No matter what type of workplace you’re in, a professional appearance brings the confidence and respect that can help you get ahead. Although it’s not always easy to prioritize beauty with a calendar packed with meetings, deadlines and other commitments, this guide offers complete beauty advice for the busy professional.

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