Best Magnifying Mirrors for Makeup: Buyer’s Guide 2022

Best Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying lighted mirrors are brilliant inventions. They mainly provide a real-time ‘zoom’ image for perfect makeup application and facial hair removal. These magnifying mirrors can be mounted or handheld and their magnification capability can vary from 3x or 5x all the way to 20x! You’ll be ready for your close-up after an hour with one … Read more

7 Best Microneedling Pen: At Home Dermapen Reviews 2022

Best Microneedling Pen

Are you searching for a way to clean your pores and create an even tone? Maybe you have tried different scrubs, exfoliates, and creams, but the result is still not that baby-fresh skin you desire. Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is a new skincare procedure that uses tiny needles to prickle the skin to generate … Read more

Want to Go Makeup-Free? 6 Beauty Treatments You Must Consider

makeup free look

Not everyone is a fan of make-up. If you ask those who don’t put make-up every day, they will have varying reasons as to why adding products on their face is a no-no. Some would say that it makes their face oilier or that it just reinforces the accumulation of dirt. However, just because you … Read more

7 Best Steam Hair Straightener Reviews : In-depth Buying Guide 2022

best steam hair straightener

When you straighten your hair several days in a row, it often ends up dry and brittle. Your locks lose their shine after just a few minutes of straightening with a regular straightener. Hair doesn’t keep its style for longer than a few hours without gallons of expensive product. The solution? A steam hair straightener … Read more