Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It? 3 Reasons They Might Be Right For You

eyelash extensions lookHave you ever looked at the gorgeous eyelash extensions that come up on your Instagram feed and wondered if you should buy them?

Those perfectly shaped extensions that add a subtle but extremely flattering difference to your face can be naturally tempting.

However, due to many myths that surround wearing eyelash extensions, too many people opt for strip lashes which can be a pain to put on and remove every day.

Getting eyelash extensions can save a lot of time of your daily beauty routine as well.

Here are 3 more reasons that eyelash extensions may be just right for you!

1. They allow you to wear less makeup and still look glamorous

While adding some subtle eyelash extensions may not feel like a big difference to your face, perfectly curtained eyes with long and doe-like lashes have the ability to make a dramatic difference without being too out there. Another alternative would be using a heated eyelash curler.

The reason that we wear makeup is to feel more confident with our looks, and if one little change like well-placed eyelash extensions can make such a difference, you can always go for a very minimal makeup look and still look glamorous.

Applying makeup is always quite a fun process which allows you to play with many colors and looks for you.

Less Makeup

However, while there are many people who enjoy this process, there are many out there who do not quite enjoy having to apply makeup every day as well.

If you belong to this category, one of the best ways to look great while not having to spend so much time in front of the mirror in the morning is to go for semi-permanent cosmetic procedures such as getting some nice eyelash extensions.

The initial price for this procedure may seem a little expensive to you at first, but once you experience it and see the difference that it makes and how the confidence levels rise even without wearing makeup or wearing very less makeup, you would see that it is truly worth the price.

Cat Eye Look

One of the most common styles of eyelash extensions is the “cat eye” with longer lashes towards the end of your eye that mimic the cat eye effect which you need to take quite some time using an eyeliner pencil or brush.

Your new lash extensions would give you that sultry cat eye looks without even having to put makeup on, making your “no makeup selfies” on Instagram look just as stunning as when you are wearing full eye makeup.

2. Reduce the time spend on your morning makeup routine

Eyelash Extensions reduce time on makeupHow many times have you woke up late and groaned because you do not have time to put on makeup when you go to work, or gone somewhere late because your makeup routine took so much time? More than a couple of times, I am sure!

We all love that extra few minutes of sleep in the morning. One of the ways to make sure that you do not take so much time to put your face on in the morning and still look stunning is to go for lash extensions that take a whole lot of work away from your makeup routine.

Less Time, Less Hassle

When you apply eye makeup, one of the most time-consuming steps is to perfectly outline your lips, shading the colors in a way that perfectly flatter your eye.

Eyelash extensions hug the natural contours of your lid and give your eyes depth without having to put many shades of colors to get the same effect. It also lessens the time that you spend on eyeliner and getting that perfect wing at the end.

The purpose of winged eyeliner is to make your eyes appear flatteringly longer. It can be achieved through well-placed lash extensions and in a more subtle manner as well.

Sultry Eyes

When you have lash extensions on, you can wake up, put on a little tinted moisturizer, swipe some gloss on your lips and you will be good to go!

Sultry Eye Look with Eyelash Extensions

You need barely any makeup to accentuate your already sultry eyes with the help of lash extensions. This means less getting ready time in the morning and more sleeping in!

Even if you want to be a little dramatic on your makeup, your lash extensions will perfectly pull together the look, without having to struggle gluing in strip lashes.

3. If your eyes are your feature the extensions draw attention to your eye

Your eyes have the power to affect your entire look with the smallest change. Even the signs of aging usually start around your eye. Therefore, especially when it comes to beauty related topics, eyes are always a huge priority.

Eyelash Extensions

Applying eyelash extensions is a semi-permanent way of beautifully accentuating your eyes through longer and curlier lashes applied along with your natural lashes.

Once it is done, unless you go for a very dramatic look, it is difficult for anyone to say that you have had any beauty enhancement done.

Lash extensions make sure that your eyes, the feature that everybody notices first when they look at you – are beautiful and flattering at all times without even a touch of makeup.

Minimizing Eye Makeup Cost

One of the biggest advantages of having lash extensions is that you can minimize your eye makeup. This is beneficial for you in long term as well. Constant application of makeup on your eyes and the extensive cleaning up that comes after can gradually tug and weaken the sensitive skin on and around your eyes, aging that area prematurely.

When you apply lash extensions, it is done by a professional technician every few weeks, and therefore done extremely carefully. With beautiful lashes and very minimal makeup, you will be able to have bright and beautiful eyes that would stay looking youthful for longer.

Boosts Self Confidence

Having lash extensions increases your self-confidence as well, since you are going to look beautiful every time you look at yourself in the mirror, even in the early mornings with a bare face.

Looking great for you and yourself is the first step for feeling fully confident to face the world, and lash extensions is one small step that you can take towards it!

This awesome piece of content is written by one of our long time readers Melissa Bergen, who is an eyelash extensions specialist and one of the pioneers of volume lashes in Australia. She’s had extensive experience with lash repair as can be seen in the before and after section on her website. Visit her website ‘The Lash Spa’.

3 thoughts on “Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It? 3 Reasons They Might Be Right For You”

  1. In my experience, Eyelash Extensions are totally worth it, I have had this done so many times and I have always got back with perfect results. 🙂

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing that knowledge with us! I can’t use eyelash extension yet, so I take advantage of this time and improve my eyelashes. I loved Latisse, but it is very pricey. So I decided to purchase the generic version of Latisse which is the Careprost. So happy ❤️ I finally found ‘HOTLASH247’ in Google and got careprost (same as Latisse, but it’s a way cheaper, thanks girls 😊). There is no difference to me. Latisse and Careprost are the same thing. I could never go back to my normal lashes now. I have had phenomenal results with it. It is well worth the money for me. After trying it, I will never be without it! My lashes are twice as long and thick and I am already being asked if they’re natural, to which I can happily respond ”Yes”!

  3. I’ve been using dermalmd eyelash growth serum for about 3 weeks and my lashes are fuller and longer. I apply it after removing my eye make up at night and washing my face. I apply it as close to the lash line as possible. Avoid getting in your eye as it will sting a bit. I apply it once again in the morning after washing my face.


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