5 Outfit Ideas for Your Next Date

dating Outfit Ideas

Whether it’s your first date or your fifth, there’s always a little bit of trepidation before the meetup.

It’s only natural, and it’s definitely felt on both sides.

You want to make a good impression, or if you think you’ve already made one you want to keep it up.

Dating isn’t easy, and we all do it in the hopes that one day we won’t have to.

Say you’ve already decided that you’re going to meet for drinks near Hollywood. You get off work, rush home to change, and then realize you don’t know what you’re going to wear.

There’s a moment of panic. Your mind starts racing through possible outfit combinations. You’re torn between a dressing up and dressing down. All of this and you haven’t even gotten to the bar yet.

Outfit Ideas for DatingFor women who have found themselves in this situation—and maybe for those who are in it right now and have turned to the internet for answers—there is hope.

Every outfit combination that you can possibly imagine has been worn before. Over time, styles that have worked have stayed and those that have flopped have been thrown aside.

The combinations are out there, so let’s get you through this. It’s also helpful to remember that the best outfit is the one that makes you feel the most comfortable, not the one that’s necessarily the flashiest or sexiest.

The Understated Casual

This is the easiest to put together, and will make your date swoon over your chillness.

The Understated Casual fit is an assemblage of pieces that seem like something you wear every day, but they’re worn in a way that makes heads turn.

Think skirts, comfy loafers for women, and comfortable clothing.

If you have any old band t-shirts, throw one on. Basically, you should be trying to imagine whatever Alexa Chung would be wearing on a given day and channel that.

It’s the outfit that says you dress for yourself, prioritize your own comfort, but still have an idea of what it means to be fashionable.

What to Wear for Dating

The Groovy One

While not as chill as our first look, The Groovy One will likely turn even more heads.

The sexiness is kicked up a few notches, and it’s done with a simple combination of time-tested pieces. Think about incorporating a going-out top, some low heels, and—most critically—high-waisted denim.

The combination seems like something from the 70s, but in recent years these pieces have made major leaps back into the mainstream, and for good reason.

The best thing about this outfit is its functionality.

You can wear it if you’re headed to a fancy restaurant or if you’re headed out to a bar, it will look fantastic in almost every setting.

The After-Work Outfit

If you and your date aren’t sure what time you’re going to be able to meet up, but there’s a chance that it will be right after work, you can always opt to dress up a little fancier for the workday and then wear that outfit into the night.

The keys to this outfit are a pair of fun shoes and a shirt-dress.

From there, you can build the outfit out by adding a blazer or something that boosts your girlboss persona.

When you wear an outfit like this, you end up feeling more confident, and bringing confidence to a date is a surefire way to present your best self and feel as relaxed as possible.

The Middle Ground

If you’re in love with jeans and feel most comfortable with denim on, this outfit is for you.

It can come off as casual and also fancy, without bending too much in either direction.

Consider pairing your favorite pair of denim with a nice floral pattern shirt, or a dressy blouse.

This outfit pairs great with heels, and you’ll end up looking Instagram ready without feeling like you’ve overdone anything. It’s a go-to look for people who don’t really know what kind of situation they’re walking into, and is really hard to mess up.

The Summer’s Not Over

If you’re not quite ready to give up road trips and beach days, the Summer’s Not Over outfit is perfect for you.

Think jean shorts with a skirt and slides.

It’s not the warmest outfit, but it exudes an aura of comfort that is infectious for both your date and everyone around.

It’s lightweight, chic, and perfect for all but the most formal of settings.

The answers to your wardrobe woes are probably in your closet, so dig around and remember to have fun on your date!

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