Best Travel Beauty Products You Should Carry On in Makeup Bag

I’m not the type of person who carries a makeup bag with them or that fusses with their makeup. Once I leave the house, I’m done. When I put my makeup on, I don’t want to retouch or reapply or mess with it and I hate carrying big purses. I don’t even own a big purse, all my purses are small enough so that only my phone, wallet, keys and a lip gloss or chapstick.

I don’t even carry a mirror with me. But, as some of you may know I’m going to Cancun this summer for our family vacation and one of my first thoughts after booking our trip was ‘what makeup am I gonna take with me???’

We like to travel as light as possible so I won’t be able to take all my eye shadow palette and all my lipsticks and makeup brushes so I started thinking about what my absolute musts were going to be. I knew I needed a BB cream with a good SPF and waterproof brow products and to take products that are versatile. Other than BB Cream and my brows, I only plan on wearing my makeup when I’ll be going out to eat dinner or special occasions.

I think I finally got my travel choices narrowed down and bonus points for getting it all to actually fit in the makeup bag that I bought just for the occasion.

My Travel Makeup Bag Essentials:

Dr. Jart Beauty Balm with SPF 45:

I went on the hunt for a BB cream with a really high SPF. I knew I didn’t want to bother with foundation and I wanted a good amount of SPF to provide sun protection. I found this and used my Sephora VIB discount to get it and I have been super happy with it. The coverage it great and I love the neutral color. For my full review and swatches, click here. ($39)

Urban Decay/Gwen Stefani Blush Palette:

I am in love with this blush palette! Not only are the colors stunning and super pigmented, but this palette is super versatile. With shimmer and matte shades, you can use these as blush, bronzer, contour, highlighter and even eyeshadow. The peachy and bronzy colors are especially perfect for that summer glow look. For my full review and swatches, click here. ($30)

Anastasia Beverly Hills World Traveler Eye Shadow Palette:

Unfortunately, like most Anastasia eye shadow palettes, this was only available as a limited edition. I’m so happy I got it last year because it’s one of my all time favorite shadows. The pigment and payoff is probably the best out of any other eye shadows I own and it was only $30. The palette is a mix of mattes, satins and shimmers and neutral and fun colors for all kinds of looks. My favorite shadow on there is without a doubt Pink Champagne. The palette would be worth it for that shade alone. I can create a simple look or a very dramatic look depending on the occasion and my mood. Love this palette! ($30)

Colourpop Brow Color in Dope Taupe:

This is a new addition to my impressive brow collection and has quickly become a favorite. I normally swear by my It Cosmetics Brow Power, but unfortunately, that one isn’t waterproof and I need something waterproof to hold up against all the swimming I plan on doing. Now, the product doesn’t actually say that this is waterproof, but I have swam in this, worked out in this and slept in this and the brows did not budge. I even have to run a little hard when removing the product with my cleansing oil. If you don’t own this product, some other great waterproof alternatives include the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade ($18) or and even better (than the ABH) option, the Nyx Brow Gel ($6). The Colourpop Brow Colour is only $6.

Morphe M165 Brush:

This is the only brush I like to use for products like brow gel or brow pomade. The angle and shape and size is perfect to get the job done.

BH Cosmetics Eyelash Curler:

I have tried so many eyelash curlers over the last several years, cheap ones, drugstore ones, dollar store ones, brand name too and the BH Cosmetics eyelash curler is the best I’ve tried yet! I actually want to order another one as a backup, but it’s been sold out for a few months. It should be back in stock this June and I’ll be sure to snatch one up. Best part is that this is only like $4.

Wet N’ Wild Liquid Eyeliner:

I love a good liquid eyeliner. I had previously been using the Stila liquid eyeliner which is amazing, but it was also $22, which is too much for me. I found this one for only $4 and I was very impressed that it works just as good (maybe even better) than the Stila version.

Nyx Cosmetics Brow Mascara:

I love these brow mascaras from Nyx. They keep my brow hairs in place without being ‘crunchy’ and the slight tint gives my brows that extra fullness that I like. At only $6, I prefer these better than the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel.

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara:

Mascaras and I don’t get along. Almost all of the mascaras I’ve tried make my eyelashes go straight down, no matter how much I curl them. This is one of only two mascaras that actually holds my curls. It makes my lashes super long and…voluminous. I love this mascara.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips:

For the few times I won’t be wearing lip balm, this is probably the only lipstick I would need. It’s a pretty nude pink color and the formula feels so nice on your lips and last for hours. I can apply it and go out and be done with it. If I had to pick one shade, it would probably be Magic Wand. ($6)

Smashbox Primer Water:

I fully admit that I used to think that this was nothing but overpriced water in a bottle. My sister and my cousin swear by this and my sister gave me a bottle a few weeks ago and it does actually feel really nice. My face has been dry lately because of my new birth control so the extra hydration this gives me is much-needed. I don’t know how hot or how sunny Cancun will be, but this will be a nice hydrating mist to have.

I’m pretty happy with my picks and think that I have more than enough makeup for my trip. The best part was that I was able to fit everything in my makeup bag and I still had a good amount of space left over. I’m actually tempted to throw in a few more items, but at least I know I’m covered as far as my ‘essentials’ go.


What are your travel makeup bag essentials?

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