Teenage Skin Care Routine: 6 Affordable Tips You Must Follow

Admit it, being a teenager is challenging from every aspect. You have to contend with the items that your parents give you, while your body is going through drastic hormonal changes. It is the time when the body adapts to adolescent changes, hence the skin is more prone to pimples and acne.

You wish that you could afford brands like Rosemira, Shu Uemura, NuFace, or BareMirerals but with minimum wage part-time jobs and allowance, most of your time and money is spent on school things and food.

Teenage skin care routine may sounds sumptuous and bewildering. You may not always have the money to afford expensive skin protection products and may not be able to afford the rising price for drugstore products recommended by the beauty “experts”.

Trust me. You don’t need them. 

There are few effective simple ways to take care of your skin on a tight budget.

We have done the research and here are some affordable yet overlooked teenage skin care tips and tricks you must try:

6 Affordable Skin Care Tips for Teenagers

1. Use Cleanser to Wipe Makeup at Night

DO NOT sleep with makeup on regardless of what happens.

If you are on a budget you can use normal cleansers or just your average face wash and water to wipe the make-up off your face before you tuck down.

There are also cleansing wipes that are pretty useful when it comes to wiping the make-up off your face.

One of the many benefits of being young is that your skin hasn’t aged yet, so you don’t have to spend on Sulwhasoo revitalizing masks just yet.

The best thing you can do is to make sure your face is cleansed, toned and exfoliated before going to bed.

For a teen’s young skin, a regular bath soap could do wonders but if you have extra dollars to spare, you can buy a facial wash especially if your skin is prone to breakouts.

2. Drink a Lot of Water Everyday

Water is perhaps the most inexpensive beauty secret.

No matter whatever moisturizer you use, no cream or conditioner can come even close to the benefits offered by regularly hydrating your body with an ample amount of water.

No trick can be used to replicate the benefits water has on your body, on both its functions and its outward appearance.

It will make you feel and look healthy. Water will also make your hair and skin very supple.

There is no doubting that water is a teen’s best friend and the ultimate skin care secret that you have to get into the habit of.

When you drink large amounts of water daily early in life, you wouldn’t need to spend on Belif water moisturizers, which help hydrate aging skin and save money.

3. Using Sunscreen

High school is challenging on skin care because a teen often finds himself or herself out in the sun doing sports or walking to school.

Sunscreen can be treated as an all-rounder solution to most teen problems, and the good bit is that your parents would definitely be okay with buying sunscreen for you (as opposed to buying foundation or powder).

Teens that are having a money crunch can use it for many applications like skin moisturizing.

You should start the habit of using sunscreen early.

Sunscreen with SPF can help you prevent unlikely skin disorders from ever happening to your skin.

4. Opt for Skin Care Products Than Cosmetics

The advantage of being young is that you usually don’t need to cover up anything yet.

Most of your classmates don’t have makeup on and it all boils down to how well you take care of your skin.

Instead of buying foundation, lipstick or blush, you can buy petroleum jelly (a cheap alternative to lip balms), facial wash, cleansers or toners.

If you’re lucky enough to have a big sister who is willing to share cosmetics with you, then that’s a good thing but some cosmetics have ingredients that are harmful to the young skin.

So it’s a better investment to ask for products that have long-term benefits such as moisturizers and sunscreens.

5. Beauty Products with Household Items

One of the most well-known hacks is using honey and sugar on your lips as scrub.

There are a lot of tutorials all over the internet teaching people how to save money on their daily skin care and beauty routines.

Because these products are organic, they offer no long-term problems and they are inexpensive for teens with no fixed income.

6. Starter kit

If you really want to buy an all-around makeup product, then you can start with a BB cream and a lip-and-cheek tint.

A BB cream is a moisturizer and foundation in one, while a tint can be used as both blush and lip color.

Most of the Korean brand BB creams and tints are inexpensive and could last up to an entire year even with daily use.

7. Buy Products That Multitask [BONUS TIPS]

Buy products that have multiple uses, this way, you will look attractive and will be saving lots of money.

These products will help you keep it within your budget restrictions.

However, no amount of cosmetics could ever replace good skin care so always focus on products that work well with your skin.

Final Thoughts

Some skin care routines are better when they are started at a young age, and the best time to start would be during your teen years when your body is starting to adjust.

If you are saving your resources for other things, then invest your cash in products that can be used to highlight your best features. If your focus point is the eyes then concentrate on them. if your focus point is the lips then the best thing to do would be to a use a gloss make it look attractive.