Sultry Valentine’s Day Makeup: 7 Irresistible Looks for Your Special Night

In some parts of the country, winter can seem to last forever, and this season’s no exception. Thankfully, we have Valentine’s Day to help boost the mood during the last stretch of dreary weather. If anything can help shake the mid-winter blues, it’s a fun night out with friends or a romantic date with someone special.

Whether you’re going on a date with a new fling, rekindling the romance with a significant other or spending some quality time with friends this Valentine’s Day, choosing an outfit and makeup look should be fun and creative – not stressful. Rather than fall back on your old standbys, use the holiday as an opportunity to spruce up your style and try something bold and sultry this Valentine’s Day!

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7 Trendy Valentine’s Day Looks

It’s time to kick off the blanket, trade in your sweats for a snazzy outfit and have some fun getting ready for your Valentine’s night out. Here are seven trendy and glamorous styles to help you look your best this February 14th!From low-maintenance tips for beauties on a budget to unique style cues for makeup mavens, learn how to go glam with these irresistible Valentine’s Day makeup looks.

1. Glowing Goddess:

Want to heat things up? Even though it’s the middle of winter, you can still pull off a sun-kissed radiance with this stunning look that evokes warmer temperatures. The key to a healthy yet subtle glow is to focus on certain areas of the face. Using a fluffy brush, such as Too Faced Bronze Buki or Jane Iredale Dome Brush, dust a light bronzer on your temples, in the hollow below your cheekbone and under your jawline. By highlighting these areas, makeup artist Quinn Murphy tells Allure, “You’re keeping the color on the edges but still allowing the high points of the face to come forward.”

2. Classic Hollywood Starlet:

Have you always admired the glamorous beauty and style of screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor? If the answer is yes, then V Day is the perfect opportunity to channel your inner starlet. And fortunately, you don’t need to be a makeup pro to channel this classic Hollywood look. Break out the black liquid liner and draw a timeless winged eye, then finish with striking red lips. To go all-out glam, add false lashes – the extra length will emphasize the cat-eye look, according to Martha Stewart.

3. Smoky and Seductive:

There’s no sexier makeup look than a dark smoky eye. So, if your Valentine’s Day involves a steamy date, don’t be afraid to be daring with your makeup. Start by applying a black eye pencil along your upper lash line. Then spread a matte slate colored eye shadow on your eyelids and blend up to the crease. Press some shadow just below your lower lashes for a sultry effect. Then, generously apply mascara. Keep the rest of your look simple with a neutral lip color and high quality concealer for a flawless complexion.

4. Mesmerizing Metallic Muse:

One of the hottest makeup styles at spring Fashion Week was metallic eye shadow. The best part of this edgy get sophisticated trend is that you can work metallics at any age. The makeup artists at Jason Wu’s show achieved a smoldering, modern look by smudging espresso colored shadow into the eye crease, followed by lighter brown eye shadow on the model’s lids and dusting of gold glitter. For a quick and foolproof alternative, simply apply a metallic bronze eye shadow. Then, brighten your cheekbones and eyes with a highlighter.

5. Modern Romantic:

This flirty look will remind you – and your date – of the fresh, pretty florals of springtime. Petal pink lids are a hot trend in 2017 and, with lush mascara, create a warm and ethereal look perfect for offsetting snow days and frigid temperatures. If you’re feeling daring, play with another hot shade from spring Fashion Week: pastel green eye shadow. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal to pull off this look, adding just a little iridescent color to your lips and cheeks.

6. Blushing Ingénue:

If subtle sex appeal is your style, opt for this vibrant look. Glowing cheeks are appealing on all skin types and will enhance your radiance in any mood lighting. A berry colored cream blush lends a fresh, low-maintenance glow, according to makeup artist Charlotte Willer in Allure. Keep the rest of your face minimal but luminous with a touch of iridescent peach eye shadow. For a bolder effect, define your eyes with pencil liner and mascara.

7. Natural Ease:

The effortless “no makeup” look allows your features to truly shine – but it takes some know-how to appear both polished and natural. This low-maintenance approach calls for a tinted moisturizer to balance and illuminate the skin tone, along with simple but classic makeup touches. For a flawless complexion, start with a primer and moisturizer, then dab concealer onto red spots or blemishes. When it comes to a dewy look, “the more real skin that shows, the better,” makeup artist Beau Nelson tells Allure. Define and highlight your eyes using black, clump-free mascara and a neutral eye shadow a few shades darker than your skin tone.

Final Punch!

The best part about dressing up this Valentine’s Day? You get to play with a gorgeous, sensual look that fits your mood – whether you stay in for a cozy, intimate night of romance or embark on a fun night on the town. Choose the makeup that expresses who you are, experiment with a new style and share the love by feeling beautiful and confident this Valentine’s Day!

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