How to Start Working Out Again (And Stick With It Forever)

Over the last year and a half, I’ve really been focusing on making some healthy lifestyle changes. I’m turning 30 next month and I realized I better start taking better care of myself, body and mind. Those changes include eating healthier (not a diet), incorporating exercise to my routine, taking better care of myself, trying to go to sleep at a reasonable time and doing my best to eliminate stress. I’ll admit that some of these things are easier than others, and what I seem to struggle with the most is exercising. I don’t like sweating. I don’t like feeling out of breath. I don’t like doing anything that makes me wear two sports bras to prevent…excessive bounciness. But, it has to be done and I’ve found that the hardest part of working out is starting. Once I start, it’s all good and great and after my workouts I feel even better because I’m energized and I feel good about myself. But starting is always the hard part for me.

I think the biggest issue we encounter with exercising is finding the time to work out. Even as a stay at home mom, it’s hard for me to find time to work out since I have the baby I take care of from 7am to 6pm every day. But it can be done! It doesn’t have to be every day and it doesn’t have to be an hour-long. Last year, I did a few different things to incorporate fitness into my life. Sometimes I went to the gym, sometimes I rode my bike around my neighborhood, or walked around the lake. I like trying new things and if I get bored with something, I move on and find something else. In the last year and a half since I started eating healthier and working out I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 6 and I couldn’t be happier! Here are a few tips to help get you motivated to start working out.

5 Tips to Start Working Out Again

Find a workout method that works for you

If you don’t like working out in front of other people, try an at-home workout (there are many you can find on YouTube or Pinterest). If you don’t like running, try riding your bike or walking. If you don’t like cardio, try something low-impact like yoga. Find what works for you. I’ve been doing T25 workouts for the last few months and although the workouts kick my ass, I love them! I can work out at home, I don’t need any equipment, it’s really easy but you can tell it’s working, and it only takes 25 minutes. I spend more time than that on Instagram! Now that the weather is nicer, I want to try riding my bike again and going to walk around the lake in the mornings to switch things up a bit.

Schedule time slots for your workouts.

If you work Monday through Friday, try working out on the weekends. You can even squeeze in some workout time during your lunch hour (a group of ladies at my old job used to walk around the block a few times during lunch). Even being at home, it’s so easy to lose track of time. I’ve recently started to set aside an hour to workout (and shower after) when the baby is asleep in the afternoon. I’ve even set a reminder on my phone to remind me and give me that extra push.

Set goals or a workout plan.

If you’re gonna go to the gym, set a time frame to workout. If you’re gonna walk around the park, set how many laps you want to do. If you’re gonna work out at home, create a routine. Having a goal is great motivation to have something to work towards.

Get cute workout clothes.

This may sound silly, but nice workout clothes is a great motivation for a lot of people. No matter what size you are, it’s not exactly motivating (or comfortable) to workout in baggy or loose clothes. I’m not saying you have to work out in tiny shorts and a sports bra, but some nice leggings and a tank top are great to work out in. I will only wear my tights Nike shorts (pictured above) when I’m working out at home, but if I go to the gym or to walk I wear some capris or leggings and a nice tank or top. Contrary to popular belief, fitted clothes make you look slimmer as opposed to wearing baggy clothes. If you look better, chances are you’ll feel better too. I didn’t start working out last year until I bought a nice pair of hot pink Nike running shoes, and a workout outfit. It gave me that extra push to finally start going to the gym.

Stop making excuses!

It’s so easy to make excuses to not work out, trust me, I’ve said them all before. I don’t have time, I’m tired, I’m on my period, my head hurts, I’m busy. There comes a point where you just have to set aside some time to do something, even if it’s walking around your neighborhood or doing a few squats and lunges in your bedroom. Even if it’s sacrificing your favorite tv show. I promise it will all be worth it after, even if you’re so sore you crawl up your stairs. #truestory

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