Spring & Summer 2017 Fashion Trends: Do’s and Don’ts

For most, it may seem like fashion trends change like the wind, making it hard to predict which items to invest in – and what to toss or avoid – from one season to the next.

Don’t fret!

In this article, you’ll find the latest fashion do’s and don’ts in 2017, so with a few quick tweaks to your wardrobe, you can look fresh and trendy this spring.

Do: Bare Some Skin

bare some skin fashion trends

Image credit: fashionista.com

According to The Huffington Post, translucent – but not scandalous – wardrobe choices are a hit this season, and can even be appropriate for the professional arena. Sheer dresses or blouse and shirt combos matched with a contrasting coat are trending everywhere, especially on the runway.

Fashion designer Rick Owens demonstrated the principle of “bareness with modesty” with his sheer designs, choosing not to have too much transparency over the bust and instead accentuating bareness in areas like the shoulders, midriff and legs.

Likewise, The Huffington Post recommends styles that play on different textures and patterns, rather than traditional see-through fabrics.

Don’t: Show too much skin

There’s a line between trendy and tasteless when it comes to utilizing the transparency style. Make sure to keep Owens’ “bareness with modesty” motto in mind when dressing sheer, especially if you’re wearing this style to work.

Try choosing outfits that focus on bareness in one area only, such as an outfit that only bares skin on the shoulder area or legs, and throw on a modest cover-up like a cardigan or blazer.

Do: Go 70s

70s Fashion Style

Image credit: pinterest.com

This just in: the punk and disco-loving decade is back in the fashion game. From retro jumpsuits to long dresses with plunging necklines, this style demands attention with its funky 70s feel.

Runway models in the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac show rocked outfits featuring loud graphics and sheer fabric combinations, while Chanel presented models wearing feminine 70s-style suits. Even footwear is going 70s this year with retro knee-high laced sandals.

Don’t: Extend 70s style to your hair

Just because throwback wardrobe pieces are making a comeback doesn’t mean you should go vintage with your hair as well. Although some head accessories – such as floral headbands or clips – are stylish, stop short of flared bangs and puffy hairdos reminiscent of your favorite ’70s icons.

Do: Embrace Yellow

spring 2017 fashion trends yellow

Image credit: Elle.com

This year, throwing splashes of sunshiny yellow into your wardrobe is an instant style upgrade. The Spring 2017 runways were filled with glamorous wardrobe pieces featuring shades of gorgeous, eye-catching yellow.

From sophisticated floor length gowns to bright yellow pants, there’s a fashion piece for anyone in this striking color. To incorporate this bold hue into your everyday style, The Huffington Post recommends using softer versions of yellow and pairing this color with textured wardrobe pieces, such as slipping into a ruffled dress with touches of yellow or blouses with a satin finish.

Don’t: Go matchy-matchy

The key to mastering the yellow trend is mixing and matching this shade with other colors and patterns, such as royal blue or colorful floral prints. Offset the brightness of your yellow wardrobe choice with minimal accessories and more neutral color accents.

Do: Keep Casual with “Normcore”

Normcore Style

Image credit: corinneand.com

If you haven’t yet seen the term “Normcore” floating around, you’re in for an unexpected fashion treat. The Normcore style is simply “dressing normal,” which is currently being showcased by Gap.

According to The Huffington Post, this style can be as simple as throwing on a sweatshirt and maxi skirt, bringing a casual 90s feeling to your style. Many fashion designers may not have adopted this style across the board, but they certainly used aspects of the Normcore look.

Models wearing pieces like a hooded poncho or a navy outfit that slightly resembled hospital scrubs were seen on the runways this year, subtly implementing this style into 2017’s fashion trends.

Don’t: Dress overly casual

As tempting as it may be to keep with the simplicity of the Normcore style exclusively, make sure you mix it up a little. This style is so comfortable and casual, too many days dressed in an oversized hoodie could verge on frumpy.

Do: Wear Ruffles with Pride

Wear ruffles with pride

Image credit: ukfashionreport.wordpress.com

The feminine and artsy look of ruffles is in this year. The runways featured models delicately draped in dresses and blouses with elaborate rows of ruffles, embodying a vibe that’s classy and feminine while adding light and airy textures that look effortless.

This style looks particularly great on knee-length dresses with a fluffy bottom or paired with floral or patterned prints.

Don’t: Go overboard

If you love the ruffled look, it can be tempting to purchase ruffles to the extreme. Remember: too much of a good thing is exactly that. Make sure to treat this fashion trend as a delicacy, only wearing one ruffled garment at a time.

Do: Flared Pants

Flared jeans style

Image credit: thetrendspotter.net

Get ready! 2017 is reintroducing the age-old trend of flared pants back into the fashion world. All materials are welcome with this new trend. Whether it’s the signature denim with a baby bellbottom or wide-legged trousers in rustic tweed, there’s a look for everyone.

This trend – which is considered nostalgic and flattering by many – even welcomes pastel shade pants, bringing a sweet, old-fashioned feel to this style.

Don’t: Let your pants drag

With flared pants, length is often a force to be reckoned with. It’s common for these pants to be made extra long, so make sure you either search out pants that are your length or pay a small fee to have them tailored to your length. Otherwise, you’ll end up with tattered fringed pants, taking this style from trendy to dingy.

Final Thoughts

Ready for your 2017 fashion makeover? With these straight-from-the-runway tips, any wardrobe can be redone to look fresh and primed for spring. Or, if it’s just a small change you’re looking for, use these tips to freshen your current style with a few simple, trend-setting additions. This article has everything you need to create the perfect, runway-worthy wardrobe that will make you look and feel as fabulous as a fashion model.