Latest Sunglasses Trends: 7 Popular Shade Styles of 2019

Latest Sunglasses Trends 2019

We usually don’t dare to be experimental with our sunglasses. You are probably using the same frame for the last 5 years, just because it suits with your face and you just want to play it safe.

However, last year was amazing for sun glass fashion industry and we have seen some exceptional designs made through the mainstream. Some stunning designs have shaken the fashion geeks and they will keep rockin’ in 2019 for sure.

If you are obsessed with sunglasses like me and want to catch up with the latest trends that is always moving, this article will give you the right direction.

How I Picked these Styles?

Well, I deeply followed women sunglasses trends from the street to runway, Instagram to Blogarama, affordable to luxury, designer’s to generic and finally picked 7 most buzzed shade styles that everyone is talking about in 2019.

It’s difficult to find the perfect sunglasses and this list may leave you even in more confusion. Nonetheless, you will get a holistic idea about the latest trend and decide whether you should jump in or not.

You may also think about the budget because, most of the trending designer’s sunglasses are usually expensive. However, you don’t really need to splurge to get on board with latest trend. There are many stores online where you will find cheap women sunglasses, you just need to know where to find them.

Latest Sunglasses Trends 2019

Sunglasses are your fashion statement. Be bold and confident to try some of these ultra-cool frames.

Teeny Skinny Glasses

Skinny Sunglasses


Inspired from 90’s, these ultra-slim glasses are on the rage right now. You must have seen many celebrities wearing these slim glasses. Narrower frames are becoming popular. Don’t be late to grab yours while its still trending.

Over-sized Maxi

Maxi Sunglasses


The over-sized maxi frames also hugely adopted by the fashionistas around the world. The signature thick frame goes perfectly with round/oval shaped faces. If you have under-eye dark circle these sunglasses are perfect for hiding them in a stylish manner.

Heart Shaped

Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Your love for heart shaped sunglasses as a kid has finally become an official fashion trend in 2019. These adorable glasses work perfectly with most of the face shapes. Flaunt your womanhood in a pretty way by wearing these frames.

Double Bridge Sunglasses

Double Bridge Sunglasses


This frame style is not something new. Double Bridge was and will be there as one of the most perennial sunglasses style in the history. However, in 2019 it will become more mainstream as more and more celebrities are wearing this frame. Double Bridge goes with pretty much any outfit.

Red Lens Sunglasses

Red Lens Sunglasses

How about adding a cool color filter for your eyes? Red lens sunglasses are the newest entry in 2019’s shade style scene. These sunglasses will make you look sexy and strikingly bold.

Novelty Frames

Novelty Frame Sunglasses


2019 is all about expressive fashion styles. Novelty frames help you to stand out from the crowd and make a brave statement. This style is particularly becoming popular among the urban youth population.

Sporty Ski Sunglasses

Sporty Ski Sunglasses


These sunglasses are basically traditional sports shades with a twist. The offbeat blend of dad shades with diva lenses makes this style a unique one. Many major sun glass brands launched these sunglasses and they are already getting momentum. These sporty sunglasses are perfect for winter season.

Classic Squire Frames

Squire Shaped Sunglasses

These vintage square frame sunglasses are trending this year and many fashion divas are wearing them with confidence. You can wear them with any outfit of your choice.

BONUS: Do’s and Don’t of Sunglasses

Like everything in your life, you should also know the do’s and don’ts of wearing sunglasses. You could look ridiculous if you don’t know how to match them with different outfit and occasion.

In this section I will discuss about some general rules that you should always follow when you pick new sunglasses.

  1. Don’t just blindly follow the trend when it comes to wearing sunglasses. Try to understand your personality and pick a sun glass frame that suits yours.
  2. Try to buy a sun glass that match with the shape of your face. Not all sunglasses look good with any face shapes.
  3. Clean your lenses properly and regularly. Fingerprint or any types of stains in your shade will immediately destroy your look.
  4. Don’t wear sunglasses where its inappropriate. You shouldn’t walk into an interview board wearing your favorite pink tinted shades.
  5. Taking care of your sunglasses will make them last longer. Store them in a box to protect the lens from scratches.

In Closing…

Sunglasses are no longer just a piece of tool to protect your eyes from sun. Over the decades, it has become a fashion staple. This essential fashion gear can boost your appearance massively. So, don’t be shy to try out some new frames.

Let us know your favorite sun glass styles of 2019 in comment section.