Exclusive Interview with Instagram Fashion and Beauty Influencer Char Borley

Even if you aren’t a beauty junkie or gym rat, you’ve likely heard of Char Borley.

With 3,82,000+ (and counting) followers, Char Borley (@char.borley) is one of the top rising fashion and beauty influencers on Instagram. Char is a model and a mother with a passion for fashion and beauty. She’s used the platform to set herself apart by carving out her own niche, staying true to who she is, and blocking out the noise.

Char posts top-quality photos on Instagram regularly. Impressively, she managed to grow a follower base of over 382k people in a brief time-frame.

In short, she’s killing it. We spoke to Char about her recent collaboration, how she deals with work-life balance, and what some of her future endeavors are – from both personal and professional perspective.

1. How did you become an instagram influencer?

I fell into it! I just joined it for fun only a few years ago after seeing my daughter always on it

2. How often do you check your account?

Every day at least 3 times!

3. What are your 3 favorite Instagram Influencers?

That’s tough! I love so many!

I love Jeffree star, James Charles, Nikki tutorials, Carli Bybel, xthuyle, Make up by Ariel, holly boon. There’s just too many to list though!

4. Is being an influencer model a full-time job or is it more of a hobby for you?

It’s a full-time job now around looking after my daughter and my 3 dogs

5. Who is taking your pictures? Friends or photographers?

I do many myself. But I work with many photographers too

6. Tel us something about your fitness routine

One thing many find surprising with my big booty is the fact that I rarely squat 😂

7. How many hours do you spend in the gym daily?

My workouts are about 90 mins – 2 hours though these days I work around my illness as I suffer with ME (Also known as CFS)

8. Do you have any future project?

Yes, my YouTube is having a complete makeover. I wasn’t sure about it at first but I finally decided to give the beauty tutorials a go.. I know I’m going to be a love hate person but I’m excited tho!

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