Beauty Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Makeup in a Small Space

Spring is coming soon!

You’ve probably been ready for warm weather for weeks now. However, that messy makeup drawer and overflowing closet likely need some attention before any spring shopping spree.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to decide what to keep and what to toss. You will also learn simple ways to reorganize your makeup drawer.

Toss Without Guilt

Whether it’s a trendy eyeshadow shade you never had the guts to wear or a tube of lipstick, you probably have quite a few impulse purchases lingering in your makeup drawer.

Although you’ll probably feel a twinge of guilt throwing something away when you spent a good chunk of money on it. Clearing out your rarely used cosmetics is a good way to see what you actually have. And it’s necessary to make room for products you’ll actually use.

Plus, some of these items may be past their expiration date. Lip products can last up to three years, but you shouldn’t keep eye makeup longer than three months. Foundation, powder and blush are somewhere in between. A good rule of thumb is to toss out anything that has a strange smell, consistency or looks different than when you bought it.

Make a Clean Start

Once you’ve narrowed down your stash of cosmetics to products you’ll actually use, it’s time to clean and disinfect. Toss out and replace old eye makeup applicators and foundation sponges if they’re not in their prime; this goes for the sponges in your pressed powder compacts as well.

All of these items can carry bacteria that can spread to your skin and cause irritations. Drugstores sell inexpensive replacements.

Then, attack dirt and grime throughout your bathroom. The blog “Lipstick Culture” recommends:

“While you’re in full spring cleaning mode, don’t forget to wipe down and disinfect all the areas where you keep your brushes and products so you’re not returning clean items to a dirty space.”

Toss your cloth makeup bags into the laundry and wipe out those made of plastic.

Don’t forget those makeup brushes! Not only is this essential to make sure you don’t spread bacteria, but it’ll also ensure the best makeup application and help your brushes last longer. But don’t use just any soap; according to Cosmopolitan,

Photo Source:

“the detergents in hand soap are harsh and can strip the brushes. Instead, use a drop of baby shampoo to create a little lather, then rinse and air-dry.”

You can also try a specialized brush cleanser like Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner.

Get Organized

An Organized Makeup DrawerDo you regularly spend half your morning digging through drawers and bags full of cosmetics just to find that one favorite eye liner?

Boxes, bags and drawer dividers are great ways to help you streamline your routine and make mornings a little easier.

Try sorting face makeup, eye makeup and lipsticks and glosses into separate containers. Then, separate items you use on a daily basis from your special occasion cosmetics.

Keep cosmetics like neutral eye shadows and basic black or brown mascara and eye liner where you can find them easily.

Take Inventory of Your Needs

Knowing what you have and what you’d like to purchase in the future will prevent you from buying duplicate products.

Realistically, you don’t need five shades of neutral lipstick or an arsenal of makeup counter samples! It’s also good to make a list of basic items you always forget to pick up when you’re out, such as cotton swabs or lip balm.

Create your Shopping List

Spring is the perfect time to venture out of your ho-hum makeup routine and try a bold new makeup shade. You don’t have to go all out and purchase an entire arsenal of new products; a fresh shade of lipstick is sometimes enough to give your beauty a boost.

Spring cleaning may not be your favorite way to spend a warm afternoon. But it’s a good way to bid farewell to those cold temperatures and welcome in the warmer days.

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