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Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 2017: 11 Secret Hacks from the Experts

When it comes to achieving a stunning hairstyle, it takes training and time. Also, finding the suitable hairstyles for teenage girls is always difficult. It’s both confusing and overwhelming as there are too many options.

Relax Girl!

Embrace the experience of premier hairstylist Sophia Tuttle. She shares her 11  tips of the trade that’ll help you rock a look that’s unique, stylish, trendy and most importantly, fits your personality.

Advice for at the Salon

Tuttle specializes in fancy updos, curls and straight or layered styles created using a round brush and a blow dryer. “Hairstyles are personal, very individual,” she says. “Every girl wants different things and everyone’s hair is different. Ultimately, you have to like the look.” Here’s how to get your ideal ‘do.

Tip 1: Plan ahead and have a style in mind

When it comes to creating the perfect look, it’s all about blending what you want with your unique hair type. Lots of teens are inspired by their favorite celebrities, so describe the style you saw. Bring in an idea from the Internet or a photo from a magazine. Know if you want your hair up, down or half up, half down. It’s important to remember that if your hair isn’t the same type or texture as what’s pictured, the style may not look identical.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to experiment.

For your big night, it’s fine to try out a style you’ve never worn before. But don’t get too drastic – you might regret it later. For styles that you’re not sure about, you can always schedule a test run before the event to see how it looks.

Tip 3: Get hair done the day of the event.

Big events usually require lots of planning, but be sure to schedule your hair appointment for the same day of the event to ensure a fresh, flawless look. Your hairstyle won’t look the same if it’s done the day before – even if it’s just a simple blowout.

Tip 4: Give your stylist feedback throughout the styling

Get a dialogue going while your stylist is working on your hair. Says Tuttle, “I ask my client if she’s pleased with the style as I go. How the end result looks depends on what she says. Don’t be shy. It’s your hair.” She suggests that you ask yourself, “Is it turning out the way I envisioned?”

Tip 5: Select a style that lasts

An updo has to stay “up,” especially if there’s lots of dancing. Tuttle puts in pins and sprays it. She asks the client to shake her head to make sure the updo isn’t too loose. If it is, she adds more pins. If a pin hurts when your stylist puts it in, make sure you tell her right away. Later on, it’s hard to find that problem pin.

For curls, the stylist should spray each one after curling until it has the consistency of a hard, crispy noodle. Your hair may be curlier than you want when you leave the salon, but know that the curls will loosen as the night goes on. Bring a travel size bottle of hairspray in your purse to make sure your hairdo stays fresh throughout the night.

For wavy styles, your stylist will use mousse or gel and then blow-dry with a diffuser. If you have curlier hair, your style will keep its shape, but finer, straighter hair won’t stay as wavy. Spritz with a bit of spray to help it hold its shape.

Popular Party Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

The look you’re dreaming of might be something you saw on a celebrity or a style that a friend or relative wore. To find out if the style will work with your hair type and face shape, have a consultation with your stylist before the big day. Here are some of the top trends.

Tip 6: Loose curls

Loose Curl Hair Style
Photo Source:

Ask your stylist to curl your hair throughout. Tuttle uses a curling iron to create this romantic style and adds a spray-on shine for a shimmery finishing touch.

Tip 7: Professional blowout: 

To create this long, sleek style, your stylist will use a round brush and a blow dryer. To add some shine to this classic look, spritz on a shimmering styling spray.

Tip 8: Loose or messy buns

Worn low on the neck, a bun is always a good alternative to the traditional updo. Your stylist will smooth the front but keep it poufed and slightly messy, as if you had done it yourself. This style works for any length of hair; just add bobby pins.

Tip 9: Glamorous updos

Have your stylist put most of your hair up, with curls and tendrils hanging softly in the front. There are lots of ways to personalize an updo, from large curls to hairdos with flowers woven in. Or, try two small French braids twisted into the updo.

Tip 10: Partial updo

Gather the layers of hair around the face and secure with pins, then bring out a curling iron or flat iron to style. “Once the curling or flat iron comes out, that’s more of a style,” says Tuttle. “Some hair can curl with just a blow dryer and a brush, but hair has more of a chance to stay curled with an iron and hairspray. It depends on the look you’re going for.”

Tip 11: Dressed-up ponytail

First, secure hair in a low ponytail. Then pull out a few pieces in the front to make it messy, and use pins to make the style stay. Dress it up with a large flower on the side. For a different look, tease the hair at the front, creating a raised section that leads to the ponytail at the back of the head.

Whether it’s a modern messy ponytail or classic updo, it’s essential to be satisfied with your style. Tuttle says, “You should walk out of the salon wearing whatever style is in your mind. That’s how to be happy.”

Do-it-yourself tips

If you’re talented with your hair and on a beauty budget, here are some tips for achieving flawless DIY styles:

  • Wait to wash. Hair that’s been washed the day before stays better than freshly shampooed tresses. Teasing hair and adding products also add oil, which can give it some staying power.
  • Embrace styling spray. If you blow-dry straight, consider using an anti-frizz or straightening styling aid to smooth out waves and reduce frizz. This will help create a sleek, finished style.
  • Make it last. To ensure that your curls stay, spray each curl individually. Even if they appear tight at first, they’ll loosen throughout the night, giving you the soft look you want.

Hair dos and don’ts

  • Do bathe or shower before going to the salon. Steam can ruin hair or make it fall, especially if you’re wearing your hair down with curls. Even the steam from a bath can change your style.
  • Do wear a button-up shirt to the salon. This way, you won’t risk ruining your fabulous salon style by pulling a shirt over your head when getting ready for the big event.
  • Do prepare for a hair emergency. First, use lots of hair spray – your style won’t stay without it. And, Tuttle suggests a few important items to take along: a small container of hairspray for touchups through the day or night, lots of bobby pins for emergency repairs and some covered elastic bands. Include a mirrored compact in your clutch or purse for quick checks.
  • Do have your hair done before your makeup. Hair always comes first, and then makeup follows. This way, heat from the blow dryer won’t melt your makeup, and you’ll leave the salon with a fresh face.
  • Don’t wear an updo unless you’re really set on it. This can be a very fancy style. If you feel more at ease with a more natural or laid-back look, then follow your instincts. Remember that, comfort with the finished look is the key to pull off any style.
  • Don’t take a nap. Hairstyles – even very secure updos – get mussed when you put your head on a pillow. Try not to lie down before your event.
  • Don’t let a style that falls spoil your fun. If the curls fall and you have loose, full, fluffy hair with lots of body, just wear it down. Or you can fasten it up or back into a ponytail or messy bun. The same goes for any style that hasn’t kept its salon shape. Have a good time no matter what happens to your hair.

Bottom line: Own your special occasion

The event you’ve been waiting for is about to happen. It’s your chance to be a star, so make the most of it. Getting your hair – and makeup – done by a professional can be a real confidence booster. And importantly, don’t get caught up in the need to look perfect. Tuttle says, “It’s so individual. Do what’s important to you. Do what makes you feel glamorous and beautiful.”

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