Fashion Tips for the Traveling Mom

Being a mother should never stop you from exploring the world.

In fact, you should be adding stamps to your passport more than ever to expose your little bundle of joy to all the beautiful sights and cultures this world has to offer.

But let’s be real, toting a toddler around a crowded airport is no easy task. So how do you make traveling easy and fun when your family starts to grow?

Fashion. Yup, a properly prepared wardrobe will make a major difference whenever you vacation with your children. While a cute outfit might be the last thing on your mind as a busy mom, take a minute to check out these amazing fashion tips that will certainly save you time, money, and the headache of a stressful travel day.

Fashion tips for traveling mom

Get a Cute Carry-On Bag

No matter if you’re flying around the globe or taking a road trip to Grandma’s house, a cute carry-on bag is a must for any on-the-go mother. These bags are ideal for bringing an extra change of clothes, snacks, toiletries, and any other item that you might need in an emergency.

And why make it cute? A unique print or fun design will make it stand out from the sea of black and grey luggage in every plane, train, or bus terminal! Plus, you deserve to treat yourself every once in a while.

Invest in a bag with a canvas outer layer that you can easily wash when it gets dirty. Make sure the zippers are sturdy, the straps are soft, and the overall construction is durable.

Remember, this bag should be built to last every adventure you embark on—as a mom, you never know what kind of Terrible Twos breakdown or teenage shouting match you might get into. Make sure you pick a carry-on bag that can get you through any child-related crisis.

Comfy Shoes are a Game-changer

No matter how much you want to trot around the streets of Paris in an adorable pair of heels, they just aren’t practical for traveling as a mom. That type of footwear was alright when it was just you and your spouse gallivanting around on your honeymoon—but with a child or two in tow, it’s time to ditch the pumps. Invest in well-supported sneakers or loafers that pair well with both pants and dresses.

With that being said, don’t fall into the trap of sacrificing fashion for function. There are plenty of comfy shoes that still look runway-ready. Chunky sneakers, rubber clogs, and Velcro sandals are all shoes to avoid no matter how much relief they promise to bring to your aching joints.

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to forget about your own personal style! With the right pair of kicks in your suitcase, you’ll have more energy than your kids as you explore the side streets of Venice or intricate gardens of Versailles.

Wear Layers in Neutral Tones

Mom FashionWondering how to travel with a baby and keep your clothes free from spit-up or sippy cup spills? Layers are always the answer. Not only does layering your clothes keep you prepared for all temperatures as you recline on an airplane or drive to your destination, they also protect you from the not-so-pleasant parts of being a mother. If there’s an accidental spill or a bathroom disaster with your little one, simply taking off your outer layer should do the trick.

Make sure your layers are all complimentary, neutral tones. Wearing bright colors or printed fabrics can look chaotic when you’re adding multiple pieces of clothing on top of each other. Sticking to black, gray, and muted colors make it easy to add on or take off apparel without looking like you threw on the first thing you could find.

Plus, these colors hide stains better—making it easier for you to hide the evidence of squirmy children when you don’t have an extra shirt to change into.

Ditch the Jewelry

No matter how much you love those diamond earrings your mother gave you, they simply aren’t practical for the traveling mom. Apart from the risk of losing them, kids love to play with whatever shiny object catches their eye.

Don’t risk little Suzy playing with a family heirloom and then dropping it into the Thames River. Plus, expensive jewelry makes you an easier target for pickpockets and thieves—something you definitely don’t want to expose your family to while you’re enjoying a nice holiday together.

Keep your adventurous spirit alive as a mother when you master these helpful travel fashion tips. While they won’t prevent every hunger-induced meltdown or restless nap time, these hacks will keep your family vacation running smoothly and your style looking flawless.