Top 10 Fashion & Beauty Trends On My Bucket List

Another edition of Top 10 Tuesday, this time I’m sharing the top 10 fashion & beauty trends that are on my bucket list, trends that aren’t quite ‘me’ but I want to try anyway.

Top 10 Fashion & Beauty Trends On My Bucket List:

Pink Hair

I loooove the way this light pink/blonde hair looks! I’ve had hot pink and light pink streaks and ombre in my hair before, but I’ve never had the balls to fully commit to a full head of pink hair. My main concern is the upkeep since I don’t like dying my hair too much. But I love this look so much!

Short Hair

I really love short haircuts like this but I’m scared to get it. My hair isn’t very long, not at all, but I have a hard time growing it out. I once cut it pretty short and it took me YEARS to grow it out. I loved it when it was cut, but once I got over it I was annoyed because it just wouldn’t grow. One day, I might cut it like this.

Burgundy Lips

I’m very weird about lipstick colors, I mostly wear light pinks or nudes and it’s hard for me to break out of my comfort zone. But I love the way these dark burgundy/wine lips look. I just bought my first lipstick this shade so we’ll see how it looks.


I’ve always loved the look of knee high tights, it must the Blair Waldorf lover in me that just wants knee high tights with every outfit. They are kind of uncomfortable though, or at least the ones I have tried. They either roll down or hit a weird spot on my leg. I guess I need to find the right pair.

High-low Hem

I love the look of high-low hems in tops and skirts/dresses. I’ve never had the guts to try a skirt yet, mostly because they all fit me way too long but also because I just don’t know where I would wear something like this to… Target?


I love the look of pantyhose, pretty pantyhose like this. Just another reason why Blair Waldorf is my style idol. When I got my first ‘real’ job I went through a pantyhose phase and I loved to wear the ones with really pretty patterns on them. But do you know how uncomfortable these are in 100+ degree weather? When they changed our dress code to a more casual one, the panty hose went away.


I think these maxi skirts look so pretty, especially full ones like this. I’m so short though (4′ 10 1/2″) and they all fit me soooooo long and I’m too lazy to have one altered. Maybe next summer…

Tulle Skirt

Ahhhhh, I love tulle skirts so much! There are so many ways to wear them! One of these days I will wear a tulle skirt!

Purple Hair

I don’t even really like the color purple, but every time I see hair this color I drool a little over how pretty it looks.

Pink Eyeliner

I really want to try to add a few fun pop of colors to my makeup once in a while. I really like how this pop of hot pink looks on the bottom waterline. It makes it stand out without it being too much.

There you have it, some trends that I’m dying to try. Even if they are out of my comfort zone and not very practical. What is a trend you want to try out?


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