5 Awesome Beauty & Grooming Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

As Christmas is around the corner, I’ve been brainstorming what to buy for my boyfriend. Like most men, shopping for him is incredibly difficult. He is definitely not into romantic gifts like flowers or chocolates, and I don’t want to buy him something too formal like shirts or watches that he will only use occasionally. Rather, I was looking for something that he will actually use regularly (at least until next Christmas).

To find that sweet spot, I spent few hours in different popular men forums and guess what, I found what they cherish most as gifts now a days: men’s beauty and grooming products.

As I wanted to gift something new and useful, yet appealing to my boyfriend, makeup for men and grooming gifts caught my attention as they have that perfect combination.

How did I miss that in first place?

Top 5 Beauty & Grooming Gift Ideas for Men

Well, now as I know what appeals them, I did my further research to find some cool men’s grooming and beauty products online. In this article I will share my list of 5 trending and most popular men’s beauty and grooming gift ideas to save your countless hours on pondering and online research. So, pamper him in this Christmas with one or some of these fantastic gift ideas.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the list.

1. Beard Grooming Kit

If you boyfriend/husband does have beard, a beard grooming kit will be a perfect gift for him. Men who grow beard are usually passionate about them. Moreover, the hipster style culture introduced many new beard grooming products in the market like beard balm, beard oil, beard comb etc.

There are many variants of beard grooming kits online. You need to pick one that suits you partner’s need. For example, if your boyfriend likes to keep his beard groomed, you can buy him a beard grooming kit that includes a beard trimmer with adjustable cutting length, a beard comb, and a neckline beard shaping tool. If he does have long beards, then you should include a beard/mustache balm, a beard scissor and beard oil in the kit.

You can find these kits easily on Amazon. Brands like Philips Norelco, Braun, and Remington are the most popular beard grooming product producers. Here are few top quality product recommendation for you:

2. Shaving Kit

There are mainly four types of shaving options for men: Disposable manual razors, Straight razors, Dual edge razors and Electric razors. Each of them can be a super dope gift item for the guys who love to stay clean shaved. Shaving kits come with different variations to serve different purposes.

The most popular among them is the regular disposable manual razors such as Gillette Fusion. You can also buy some extra blade refills with this item.

The next one is the electric shaver. Try to pick a shaver that has both dry and wet shaving options. Rechargeable, cordless shaving trimmers are becoming quite popular recently because of their portability.

Straight razor and dual edge razors are usually uncommon but can be an interesting gift that your partner will love and brag about with his friends. Make sure you include a shaving cream, a shaving brush along with a shaving bowl if you decide to buy him a straight or dual edge razor.

You can also include an after-shave lotion or balm to any of these shaving kit variations.

3. Concealer Stick

When I was browsing those popular men’s forum, I learned that men’s makeup, especially, concealer sticks are on rage right now. Everyone is talking about this new makeup for men and they are quite excited about it. I know, there are still lots of stigma about men beauty routine, however, a little cosmetic concealment of pockmarks, razor burns or zits with makeup can boost up their confidence immensely.

Concealer sticks for men do the same trick like a makeup concealer for women does. They conceal the imperfections of the skins and provide a smoother even look. Trust me, if your boyfriend/husband has pitted acne scars, uneven skin tones or reddish razor burns in his face he will love this item as a gift.

To find the best concealer for men you need look for a product that counter balance redness, hide uneven skin marks and dark patches under eyes and blend smoothly with his natural skin color tone. Try to find a shade that matches with his natural skin tone as closely as possible. You can also add a light moisturizer which will help to prep the skin for applying concealer.

4. Nail Clipper Kit

An important part of men’s hygiene and grooming routine is clipping nails regularly. Naturally, men’s toenails and fingernails are harder to cut. However, there are nail clipper kits available especially for men available in the market.

If you are in a budget, a nail clipper kit is a perfect gift item for your husband or boyfriend. You can easily find a multi-functional nail clipper kit online.

There are few different types of nail clippers available. Choose one that has at least a specialized nail nipper for toe nails along with a regular finger nail clipper. Some kits come with nail scissors and nail file.

Most of the men will love them and thank you every time they shape their nails with your gift!

5. Face Wash, Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner

Well, face wash and shower gels are quite common household men’s grooming stuffs. However, you will find lots of face wash and shower gel gift kit for men that are beautifully packaged and perfect as a gift item. Men, now a day’s use face washes that are specially made for male skin type as they are more exposed to dirt and sunburns.

Shower gels come with different fragrances. You can choose a sporty fragrance that your partner will love to use. Same goes for shampoo or conditioner.

Final Words

Alright, so you made it to the end, which means, you are really desperate to surprise your partner with the best gift possible. I appreciate that.

So, these are 5 top trending men gift ideas for this year. I’m quite sure your partner will love to get any of these items in the list. Some items are a bit expensive than others, but you should be able to find an affordable version of each of them. Make sure the package is beautifully wrapped with holiday vibe.

Let me know what do you think about my list? Would you like to add something else? Comment below your ideas.